Jason Day Talks Family, Friendship With Tiger Woods & More | TaylorMade Golf

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pierreLeLion says:

I hope Jason Day figure something out for his back !! he is such a great player and i am sure he will kill it again !

Frank Mountains says:

Hey shoutouts go Goat Hill!

Blake Murray says:

Is it just me or is J Day starting to lose his aussie accent

Itee Tee978 says:

Jason Day talks way too much ? …
Let him know he hasn’t won much compared to the goat ?..
And pls stop talking too much when filming the Taylor made videos..

Wade Preston says:

Enjoyed the interview. I like that Jason is not afraid to real.

Alban DB says:

I thought it was DJ interview JD….?

Bucky Barnes says:

Also Jason you live in Columbus?? Dude I'm coming in from Cleveland for the Arnold classic, let's shoot a round!!

Bucky Barnes says:

I love this. I love watching Jason on the meandmygolf YouTube channel especially when he shows us how to golf like a real pro

Ryan Siuta says:

When did you shoot this video?

LakesOnAPlane says:

Where dat new v steel at???

Benjamin Cooper says:

They may sit on the toilet the same way – but like his irons Tiger flushes his better

Jon Mebane says:


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