Luke Donald: Mizuno Masterclass Live / Golf Tips

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Jordan Sheppherd says:

Thank you for recording and posting these videos; they’re wonderful.

Torrence Longenecker says:

watching this one literally changed my game, the best overall tip video ive
seen to date on youtube.

Anwar Rajagukguk says:

He is definitely one of the best players on tour. Love the swing, and
adorable attitude.

james murphy says:

I love how everyone jokes that he’s such a short hitter while in reality he
probably hits it 50 yards further than most amateurs,he’s only short by
tour standards

Ryan Thornton says:

170 is a long way for a 7 iron

gjfollett says:

Glad to see he’s doing well in May 2014 PGA – he’s been down the tables a
bit lately. His relaxed and ‘ordinary’ style chimes with me and the shorter
distances don’t seem to affect him too much – As James Murphy says below,
most amateurs would be happy with hsi distances. Good video

Timnosuke T says:

His no-nonsense reply at 10:23 is great! Such a refreshing change as sport
in general seems to encourage people to be pretentious. A great role model.

Sandler41882 says:

That swing is so beautiful.

zak shingler says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Mahavishnu80 says:

Id strongly recommended aiming from the heel.Makes a big difference for me.

sgreenfly says:

Such a likable guy, great teacher, very personably and such a fantastic
balanced swing, along with justin rose he is my favourite golfer 

angeldustfairy says:

why is luke so hot??

Gaber1983 says:

I have found Luke to be more of a teacher of the game then many other PGA
tour players/professionals. He’s easy to listen to I always wanted to copy
Tigers Swing but I notice more and more that Luke’s swing is more up my
alley…just imo

Bobby Cummings says:

I can’t understand how any of these videos were disliked. Do those people
just flat out hate golf? I don’t get it.

crisisofconsciousnes says:

ye man !

Yakuzagolfnews says:

Got to love the way he dissects a golf course. Full respect for L.D and a
refreshing way to play the game.

Kim Budaden says:

Great video.

Nick Hollingsworth says:

You typed ” I admire those pivots” instead of divots. Are you just stupid
or was this your intention to look like a fool?

rvwv89 says:

Mizuno Masterclass videos are the best on youtube!


Mizuno, it would be great if you guys added lazer tracer , so that we can
see the path of the ball as Luke explains what he’s doing.. Great tips from
Luke… Thanks for the Video!!

x123evaanns456x says:

i play golf at his golf club when he was 14

mizunogolfeurope says:

When the world #1 talks – it’s easy to listen. Apart from a few laughs,
crowd was almost silent for half an hour. Great experience for all that
were there.

shredx81 says:

I’m almost certain that people hit it by accident, either going for the
‘like’ button or the ‘subscribe’ button.

Adam Baum says:

best accent ever

prorobo says:

That was awesome.

John Taft says:

Yeah I agree with you, I use to base my swing of Tiger’s and with my body
type it wouldn’t really work once I started to watch Luke my game has
change for the better!

Chris McDonell says:

He’s a class act

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