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► Neil Tappin gets fitted for the new Mizuno JPX 919 irons and puts them to the test out on the golf course

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Glen Williams says:

Didn’t like the feel of the tours at all. Ping i210’s softer all day for me and that’s someone coming from a set of MP18’s

chasm4963 says:

I recently got fitted for a new set of irons. Tried all 3 of the JPX 919 variants as well as the Titleist AP3. Not a good enough ball striker to play the JPX tour, and didn't really like the feel of either the hot metal or the Titleist. But the 919 forged felt beautiful straight from the off. Just enough help to smooth out the slight mishits, and great feedback. No hesitation in buying them and very pleased with the purchase.

Simon Southby-Ryland says:

Great video Neil. I changed a couple of years ago from a Callaway 'players iron' to Titleist AP1's. I went for them as saw them as the best-looking 'chunkier' iron, I struggled with the looks for about a week, but soon forgot about that when the results started improving, handicap slashed about 3 shots in 18 months, now almost 6. Was thinking about looking at new irons. Mizuno worth a look?

Miles Baker says:

Sean Lock used to be funnier.

Peter Lund says:

I changed from my old blades to Taylormade P790's I understand what you are talking about with the top line but once you have hit these new irons the yardage gains are out of this world, admittedly stronger lofts but you soon get used to them.

NUVOProduction says:

Never mind the distance, because based off your data it’s jumping about considerably more with the Mizuno more than the blades. Perhaps why you didn’t discuss it as much and raced through it at the end. The pings are as expected, due to the type of iron and loft, considerably more consistent for you and as a result, would empower you to play better golf. Not to mention you clearly prefer the looks of them. Sounds like length vanity to me at the expense of control, consistency and marginal spin rates. You can’t call something forgiving if it’s less consistent.

Jon Todd says:

Going on bout the top line, iblades have a thick top line for the type of club they are meant to be. Literally no difference in top line.

Dr Steve Tucker says:

Excellent review. Maybe it's time to make a move away from my blades… Great numbers for such a compact swing!

Justin Stephenson says:

I have tested a 7i with all 3 919 clubs. Hated the Hot Metal (I also hated the JPX 900 HM), I think that is me not the club! Forged had the wrong shaft for me (90g steel shaft compared to my 65g graphite) – but it was arrow straight every time, oddly too much so, it takes real effort to put shape on the shot. Lovely feel, high ball flight, you just know the ball will stop on the green, but the 919 Forged is a little to long from heel to toe to be totally ideal for me. Then there was the 919 Tour. So small, a 5i in the Tour would scare me, but the 7i was a real beauty and surprisingly easy to hit consistently

My OpenMind says:

The tour look stunning.

One would want to be able to hit them out of the Centre which begs the question how did you get fit without that data?

Track man doesn’t give a fitter this information.

Jason Williams says:

The range at West Hill ??

Robert Symes says:

Had a fitting just over a week ago of 919s and Srixon 785s. Was surprised by the 785s, felt very similar to the 919 tours. Have ordered the 919forged based on consistency, my miss hit is either thin or toe and the 919forged were much more rewarding on miss hits. Just waiting for them to arrive now and get into play in sunny down under.
Keep up the great reviews, cheers

Jan-Pierre Vidizzon says:

919 Forged are excellent. Easy to launch, forgiving on off-center hits, and feel great. Gaming the mp-18 sc right now, and looking to change to the 919f.

Mark Sheehan says:

The tour are the best looking clubs on the market by a country mile but the majority of golfers will have to accept that the forged are clubs for us !

Sgt Pepper says:

I'd go 4 the forged in 5-pw & a hotmetal 4 iron for off the tee..?⛳

Baresi says:

'These clubs have performed fantastically well and feel as good as any 'players' iron but… ahhh, that top line!' Get over it.

TartanArmyBoy says:

I’ve recently started gaming the 919 Forged and I’m really happy with them. For me the Tour gives you that slimmer top line and slightly better looks but the Forged gives you great looks, a little more forgiveness as well without losing the feel. Stunning clubs!

Zachery Campbell says:

I’m really wanting to try the hot metal!! The lifts are weaker than my current set and I’d like more spin along with forgiveness

gabbagabba321 says:

Im tempted by a combo set- Forged and tours.

Niel Stradling says:

I've been playing MP4 with PX 6.5 for a few years now and felt it was time to make a change for a little help. Tried the 919 forged and wow? definitely more consistent…
I like the weight of 6.5 but need 6.0 especially in long irons so going 6.5 soft step once to keep the weight and flex frequency only .1 to the 6.0
Can't wait for the 2019 season
Nice vid ?

k9feces says:

I wanted the 919 Tour but didn’t like the look at address so I went with MP-18. Plus the finish looked like it was painted to me.

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