New Mizuno JPX Golf Ball review with Andrew Ainsworth

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Dave Bucks says:

Hi Andrew hope you are well ? For a replacement as say a wilson dx2 or dt
solo it is a better ball ? Be interested to see the pricing of them and
where they fit 

Andrew Ainsworth says:

New Mizuno JPX Golf Ball review.

Dave Bucks says:

would you play this ball ? 

Fernando Amaro says:

Nice review but…is it ok to test a golf ball at and indoor simulator? The
ball doesn’t travels in the air more than 3 meters… how do you evaluate
its aerodynamic behavior? I’m really looking forward to an outdoors test.
It would also be nice to compare it with other models.

Dave Bucks says:

Hi Andrew think i will get a sleeve and let you know how they go 

JAG sixtyfive says:

Talking of the MPX ball, would be nice to see some kind of
Wedge/Iron/Driver comparison between the JPX ball and the MPX Ball? Would
be very interesting Andrew.

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