Mizuno JPX850 Driver Titleist 915 D3 Driver

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Mizuno JPX850 Driver Titleist 915 D3 Driver. Mark Crossfield hits the two golf clubs from Mizuno golf and Titleist and talks about how these clubs might help you or not in your golf game. The JPX850 driver from Mizuno golf with its stunning blue looks and changeable weight system is a great new offering from Mizuno. Hitting up against the Titleist tour proven 915 D3 featuring SureFit neck and classic black looks. Play your best golf with the the best golf equipment in your golf bag.

31 thoughts on “Mizuno JPX850 Driver Titleist 915 D3 Driver

  1. I personally can’t wait to hit the Mizuno. Really looking forward to it! I
    don’t think that it is released in the states until February. But that blue
    is stunning!

  2. is the titleist not performing slightly better? the mishits seemed to
    travel further than with the mizuno?

    the thing is with these clubs is that the spring off the face is regulated
    therefore if you apply all the same numbers the ball should go almost the
    same distance. a better judge surely is how far your worst struck shots

  3. Mark, what was different from the time you hit the D2 and D3 with the
    titliest rep? I believe you averaged 269 with the D3 and 279 with the D2.
    For this video you averaged 260.

  4. I was disappointed in the sound of the Titleist. Mizuno doesn’t come in
    left handed, but as you pointed out has a similar sound (a little quieter).
    Looks like striking the ball a little more on the toe side of the Titleist
    had the ball going more right of target. Fade side shots also seem to
    increase spin a little. Most of the drivers in 2015 seem to be louder in
    general, however, the Nike Flex is gaining popularity because of its
    quieter sound profile. Can’t wait for your review on that club to see if
    you agree that it feels better than others that were released in the winter
    spring offseason.

  5. Thanks Mark, your demonstration of how mm changes in strike affects spin
    data is very enpowering for the golfer in the market for a driver. Thanks
    for sharing.

  6. Makes these reviews somewhat pointless if drivers are all the same. You may
    as well just review the look, hit one shot for sound and you’re done. Don’t
    bother doing numbers.

  7. Again go to the local course, grab two guys off the street and let them try
    these clubs. We always only see PGA teaching pro’s demoing these clubs, let
    “real” people find out for themselves then I’m more apt to believe all the
    hype they’re all putting behind their products. Now Titleist has copied
    TaylorMade with the speed channel. Next? who knows, has to be the shaft
    they’re running of out of things they can claim.

  8. I’m buying into the fact that all the major manufacturers’ drivers or even
    irons will all perform pretty much exactly the same way and it just comes
    down to brand loyalty and aesthetics, but what about comparing up a “no
    name” brand or smaller manufacturer to one of the big boys? Will that
    really make a difference to performance or just to build quality,
    longevity, or how you feel about your kit because it’s top of the line?

  9. Hi mark, was wondering if you could offer some advice. Looking at upgrading
    my now broken mizuno Mp001 driver. I’ve a soft spot, like yourself, for the
    Mizuno brand and find the new Mizuno driver very attractive. However, I
    have recently cut my handicap from 17 to 5 (started to take the game
    seriously) and don’t want to invest in a driver I will want to change
    because I can’t hit it or it doesn’t offer any advantage. I don’t have the
    opportunity to get anything else fitted other than the mizuno. I was
    wondering from your experience, has any of the titleist or taylormade
    drivers excited you (D3 915 and R15) or has the extra changeability and
    attractive looks in the JPX850 done enough to win you over? I have tried
    the above drivers at *cough* american golf just to get a feel however I
    don’t agree with the computer system they are using (telling me their on
    sale sldr is going 50 yards further than the titleist D3 915) is there any
    other steps I can take to trying the drivers out with more reliable data
    other than buying them all and taking them on the course? Sorry for the
    essay and thanks for your inspiration and insight into this wonderful sport
    and creating a social side that has been missing for the last 10 years.

  10. Hi Mark, I love your videos, keep up the good work! I am intrigued on
    whether you will be able to match SLDR sneaky long drives on the course
    with the Mizuno. I am aware of the similarity of the stats when testing all
    these drivers, and I have in mind the tolerances the manufactures are
    limited with… My point is that I never saw you hitting many “sneaky long”
    drives with the Covert but I’ve seen you outdriving everyone drive in and
    out with the SLDR. Will you be able to do so with the Mizunos, Titleists
    and Pings??

  11. What I take from this video is the importance of hitting the middle of the
    face. If a good player like Mark can lose 10 – 15 yds by being a few mm
    away from the optimum position on the face, it seems to me that the
    manufacturers need to work on getting good numbers across a much bigger
    area. Most players who claim a club doesn’t suit them (too spinny) probably
    never find the actual sweetspot. I remember an old Seve instructional video
    where he specifically showed how to find the sweetspot on his old Anser
    putter, which was closer to the heel than most people thought. Why don’t
    manufacturers put an obvious mark so we don’t have to guess. I bet the
    optimum for most drivers isn’t where we think it is. 

  12. Your carry distance was 20yds (?) Longer with the Double Black Diamond. Was
    your striking better with the Bertha or did it simply out perform these two
    in distance?

  13. By the way Mark. I did some simple math, on the relationship between your
    “slowest” ball speed drive 148 mph and the carry of 268 (mizuno). Its 1,81.
    Thats absolutly bombing it. Thats better that some most PGA tour pros. You
    are hitting the absolut center of the sweetspot. Well done. Now imagine
    that relationship between ball speed and carry and think Tiger swing speed.
    If he was as good a driver as you he could carry the ball… let see. 325
    yards on a 120 mph swing.

    To compare, the Titleist gave you a best relationship between carry and
    ballspeed of 1.77. Since you are not showing club head speed, which I would
    like we cannot see how effecient yout are hitting the ball. My predictions
    are that you are maxing out at 1.5 possibly even 1.51 in smash factor on
    some of these hits.

  14. As stunning as the 915 is, I hit it in a PGA store, and it didn’t feel all
    that great. I went back to back with it and my 913 (in the same setting and
    similar shaft and whatnot) and I was not only carrying the 913 10 yards
    further, but it also just felt much better and more boomy. 

  15. Yes they are all similar distance and spin but maybe the focus of the vids
    could turn to forgiveness, being that most of us are amateurs.
    Eg. As you said at the end, dispersion was the greatest difference. Could
    that be because miss hits on one has less effect than on the other and
    maybe the same applies for spin and distance?
    Love your Vlogs!!!!


  16. I like this, telling it like it is. Want a great driver, your an average
    handicapper…go buy “last year’s model” kind of like buying last year’s
    car, it will get you where you need. Now if you “need” the latest in golf
    gear and are happy popping out $300 plus a year …Taylormade has a program
    for you 🙂 … that might be the mental edge that drives your game. What
    I find interesting and you see more of now is that pros are using often the
    “game improvement” clubs, not always the traditional “scratch golfer”

  17. This is what I found when I tested 915 D3 D2 SLDR and G30 and my previous
    gamer 913 D2. Good hits all go roughly the same distance within 2-3 yards
    of each other.
    However off centre hits that’s when I noticed G30 and 915 D2 Outperformed
    the rest and were going about 5 -8 yards longer than D3 and SLDR. Longest I
    hit was with the D3 over SLDR by 1 yard but SLDR was the shortest by 4
    yards over the D3.
    Test was on the same day with all 4 clubs and 15 shots were taken with each
    They are all good clubs and each and every one of them can be played by

  18. what mark is trying to say is that with regulations now a days club
    manufactures are extremely restricted to changes they can actually make on
    their clubs. Therefore it really comes down to brand loyalty and person
    preference. Personally, brand is irrelevant but id rather not spend 500
    dollars on a driver with all this tech when i could buy a ping i25 for 150
    on ebay. So if your gonna complain, dont watch his damn videos (just
    like/fav to help mark out cause hes a good guy!). FFS. Aslo, that 2 yards
    in distance and 100 revs of spin is basically 0, with any testing whether
    it be testing new drivers or a science experiment room for error must be
    accounted which generally subjects to plus of minues 1-3 of the number
    produced. In marks case it would be plus or minues 1-3 yards of carry and
    plus or minues 100-200 revs of spin would subject to the clubs being for
    all intents and purposes equal except for the color on the top and the logo
    on the sidee…..

  19. I get that all clubs perform about the same for you Mark, and I normally
    like watching your channel, but how does it help us mere mortals if every
    review you do says the same thing. We need something tangible otherwise
    what’s the point of making the vids? Just asking…

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