Mizuno MP Golf Ball

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Mizuno MP Golf Ball reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Mizuno MP golf ball and talks about the feel and performance of the new tour quality golf ball. The new sticky cover from Mizuno is suposed to deliver real control around the green while the distance of the MP ball is still long. See if the new golf ball from Mizuno golf can match the mighty Titleist and it's ProV1.

35 thoughts on “Mizuno MP Golf Ball

  1. I’ve always been a mizuno player since I got my set of tpzs, use the 630
    driver with the adjustable weights brilliant driver, 650 3 wood which to be
    honest not getting on with, wasn’t that impressed with the early mizuno
    hybrids. Have a Ben Hogan 19 degree which will never be replaced. I Use the
    mizuno d201 ball, love the feel of it, really nice crack off the driver and
    nice sunflower of the putter. 

  2. I would absolutely give the MP ball a chance. Some people think that a
    Titleist is the only thing that will spin. Personally speaking I think if
    you hit it correctly it doesn’t really matter. You can even back up a

    I was wondering if you’re going to give the Mizuno Woods that are coming
    out for 2015 a review. Very interested in the product, but in the states we
    have to wait quite a while to get any solid news about the clubs.

  3. Personally I think the Volvik Vista IV is not such a good ball. It
    struggles to gain spin and the cover is too hard. I would prefer a pro v1x
    over it or a srixon or Nike.

  4. Yeah I am over my trials with different golf balls, have tried many over
    the last month and end up back with the 2013 ProV1x, mostly because of how
    durable the new model is; I did like the Hex Black and the new Chrome + but
    they are not durable enough. Need to try to new Nike though, been told it
    is excellent in the wind which is important where I play.

  5. I play any ball as long as the performance or feel is similar, I play
    Penta, 20Xi, Pro V1, Hex Black, as long as it’s not a Pinnacle I’ll
    probably play it haha

  6. Mark, to get a little more scientific you should be blind to the type of
    ball you are hitting. At the least your expectations of performance would
    be taken out of the equation.

  7. i was talking to my club pro today and he said i should try the new wilson
    dx 2 balls. could you review them and give me your verdict on if i should
    change? thanks

  8. My, My, Mark, did we actually hear you say you use Nike ball purely on
    branding??, lol getting sucked into the marketing are we :). Serious
    question though, given most amateurs try save money on balls, would love to
    see some numbers on the cheaper end balls, Dunlop, etc… I use a Wilson
    DX-2, was cheap but now advertising has seen an increase in price on these

  9. I play the TaylorMade Penta series balls b/c they offer equivalent
    performance to that of a ProV1 at a more reasonable price. I’m not
    particularly brand loyal when it comes to balls as long as they perform
    well and feel good to me.

  10. It depends on the prize wich is ridiculus… im ok with a medium quality
    ball like callaway xbite. If i have to choose a better quality ball i would
    go with taylormade´s lethal.

  11. Mark, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on what level (or type)
    of player you need to be before the ball makes a significant difference??
    ie, is it completely ridiculous for a 24 hc player to use a Pro V1, and is
    a 6 hc being held back by not using a premium ball etc etc?? Keep up the
    good work

  12. For us hacks… Please show the Wilson Staff DUO some love. Put a bet up
    and review driver if you need to, mid irons, wedges, and putter. This ball
    needs some attention!!

  13. Hello Mark, good review again. I was comparing a few balls putting the
    other day and strangely it was the cheapest that came out ontop for a
    softer feel. Out of Taylormade Burner, Wilson DX3, Taylormade TP3 &
    Tietlist Pro V1’s the Burner seemed noticably softer while putting, they
    are cheapest at 12 quid for a dozen. Any chance you could confirm this if
    you get the chance as it can’t surely be right. Thanks, keep’em coming 🙂

  14. I bought a sleeve of mizuno mp balls. I think they are very good, Not much
    difference between Pro v, Z star etc. but at £40 a dozen ill stick to Z
    star. Mizuno We’ll have to price them cheaper If they want to entice people
    to play their ball.

  15. As you say there are balls in each manufacturers range that Perform very
    similar.. I use the Wilson c:25 ball which is claimed to play like the
    titleist dx ball but I’m told that the fg tour ball performs as good as a
    pro v1 for half .. I’m sure there are other manufacturers who compete on
    performance but are much cheaper to.. Great video

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