Mizuno JPX850 Irons

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Mizuno JPX850 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the frame faced golf club from Mizuno golf and talks about distance, spin and launch with this golf club. Mizuno often know for its forged bladed irons also make some great easy to hit and game improvement irons. The 850 JPX irons offer some classic looks with a lot of help when it comes to miss hits.


Oldlard says:

Amazing how far you have come with the professionalism of these videos

Howard Jones says:

Just bought a left handed set (standard lie, loft and flex) of these today.
Matched them against the Ping G30s and a set of Cobra and they beat both
hands down. The ping were 3 yards longer, BUT the disoersion on the Mizunos
was much tighter (4 yards) and when hitting a 6 or 7 iron into a par-3 or a
second shot into a par-4, it’s getting the distance right and actually
hitting the green that counts for me personally.

27G27G27 says:

I play the MP52 irons. When I first bought them I was concerned that I
wouldn’t be good enough for them and that I should be looking further down
the range at the JPXs etc. but I can’t get past the chunky looks of these
types of clubs. As it turns out the MP52s perform really well for me.

brown55061 says:

What amazes me is how many Pros are using a muscle back or cavity back club
these days. Apparently the old myth that Pros must use blades is dying.
Makes me feel better cause my muscle backs are pretty harsh on mishits. I
still feel Mizuno makes way too many models. My local shop has at least 5-6
different models at all times. They need a high handicap club, mid-low HC
and Pro model. That’s it, be done with it.

Chris I says:

Thanks for the review, the clubs look good. Also appreciate the new look in
the video, the coordinated outfit and video overlay with fade. #swanky!

Zack Kubik says:

Hey mark can you give me ideas for new irons im a 10 handicap and looking
for new clubs. Do you any suggestions for me? 

Solomon Spydro says:

Loving the top and shoes together ahhaah

tom griffin says:

having trouble watching newly published videos of yours with chrome, mark

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

I’m less than 10 seconds in and i feel moved to say that that outfit – and
particularly the orange on the shoes – is quite preposterous. And that’s
even by Mark’s standards.
Right, back to the video….

jimbofatplum says:

speaking in paragraphs like that you must be breathing thru yer arse.
id like to see you out on the piss with some Peruvian nostril dust
lol…reckon them lips would melt!

stewlife says:

Anyone know which irons Mark is clubbing these days? I know he played with
mp h5’s before

Patrick Kelly says:

Nothing about these irons make me want to go and hit them because I have
hit the jpx825. Mizuno can’t just keep releasing te same stuff all the
time. It’s tiring and boring. 

124baseballboy says:

Got to be the ugliest outfit I’ve ever seen

Paul Brunt says:

Great vid again mark. I like the new look

Oliver Sandberg says:

Review of the Big Bertha irons? 2 clubs longer #dontthinkso

TheYouTubePartTimer says:

im having problems with coming up on the ball and making it go higher is
there any routines i can do to fix it

mark bailey says:

Suprised, when i saw what you were reveiwing my first thought was ” marks
changing clubs again” so was a tad shocked that you didn’t seem massivly
impressed by these, given that i thought, especially looks wise these would
have appealed to you.

Mizuno dropping the ball a touch???

kenneth thompson says:

Just got fitted for a set and love them feel nice to hit 

Tim Tran says:

I really like the look and blue frame insert. The face length is slightly
shorter than the EZ. I’m not sure there is a significant difference
compared to the it’s predecessor. Definitely a set I would have considered
if I did not already have the EZ forged set. I’ve mixed up a combo set and
carry and enjoy using a normal EZ 5 iron. Less feel for sure but much more
fire and forget forgiveness which is great. 

Kr0pD says:

These must be the ugliest clubs i’ve seen… Seriously
Great outfit matching Mark
Good job (keep up the)

Peter Hughes says:

Type of shoe you rocking mate 

Nicholas Taylor says:

I tried these back in August before they were launched and I was impressed
with them. However, I still ended up going for the JPX EZ irons instead,
simply because I wanted a bit more offset to help with launch, and because
I preferred the gunmetal finish of the EZs.

These seem well suited to someone who has managed to get their handicap
down a bit, but who isn’t yet comfortable with bladed irons and wants a bit
more forgiveness.

Brian Tong says:

what is the difference with offset and non offset? could you explain please

Tim Tuinier says:

i am thinking of buying these as i have had my callaway x14s for at least
9-10 years now so anyone hit these please let me know what you think 

Jerry Errigo says:

Another great review….was wondering if you will ever do an iron shaft
comparison with all of the latest materials, design manufactures are doing.
The iron shaft is I would assume very relevant to some of your viewers
keeping up with your videos (steelfiber, c-taper style, some DG’s etc)

Wouldn’t be opposed to driver/FW/hybrid as well, but understand there are
so many.

Thanks, videos are always 110%!

SuperMozzman says:

Is there such a thing as an easy-to-hit club?

Jose Solis says:

Big Bertha review and numbers next please? Great stuff Mark

Luis Iniguez says:

What about bridgestone? They only have two sets of irons with many positive

Alan Mills says:

Nice vid, well put together. Great review too. Love Mizuno!

Gino L says:

Nike Vapor Speed review???

Philip Smith says:

Mark, can you do a review of JPX850 vs RSi 1 for distance and dispersion ?

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