Mizuno MP-15 irons with Ti Muscle

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Jonbek says:

Tried these at a Mizuno demo day today, lovely irons. Expensive upgrade
from my mp-53s though, not sure it wil be worth it. Was hoping to try the
JPX 850 driver but the fitter did not have it available.

Ken Valentine says:

Waiting for MP-65’s !!!!

Brendon Kim says:

U can hear the pureness

Brendon Kim says:

Holy sexy

MrPedrofoto says:

This is just a question for Mizuno regarding upgrading irons. Currently I
play with JPX 800’s and have lowered my handicap by 5 shots down to 13 this
summer past alone. I then got a chance to try out the new JPX 850 forged
that had a stiffer KBS shaft and although I really liked the feel I am
wondering should I just stick to what got me this far or would an upgrade
be helpful? My local fitter told me that my swing speed has increased,
hence the stiffer shaft. I noticed that shot dispersion was closer and I
also didn’t get such a height as with the older irons. Am slightly
uncertain if I should just stick to what I’ve got already or if the upgrade
would be a more positive move.
Thanks for any help.

Vortex says:

I love your irons so much. Hands down the best irons in the business. 

thesheathdotcom says:

I wish my practise range had grass like that…

Ball Striker says:

I think I just found my Xmas present!

Eddy Choe says:

This is definitely my next club.

chick bell says:

how much r they going to coast me

Mark Cook says:

What does it look like top down, like a pure blade or closer to a cavity

bumrusherer1985 says:

You guys make the best irons

TheSagemeister says:

Cry a little!, I think I just messed my pants….

brendos444 says:

Wish I had these in my bag!

Mark Cook says:

What does it look like top down, like a pure blade or closer to a cavity

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