Mizuno MP-4 irons: The Art of Shotmaking.

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Claus R. Povlsen says:

MP4 – Irons 4 me – the best irons ever – there is no level above –

What is your opinion?

Great on: looks
“easy to play” and I am no Shark

Robert Dore says:

At last! 5:04 Charles Howell states what I’ve known all along; playing with
a blade may be more of a challenge, but it will ultimately make you a
better player.

Carl Collin says:

ive had my mp60’s since 2008 I think, I will buy these the next season. and
keep them forever. :)

Claus R. Povlsen says:

Better player irons and I play them ;-))

Champagnepapi says:

I know that Mizunos employees responsible for the Youtube account and all
of the other social media platforms may not read this or check the videos,
especially on a video dating back to 2013, but there’s one thing I have to
say. A golf fan of any skill level can find this channel and just get lost
in it, the videos are so simplistic and beautiful, the instructional videos
(looking at you, silky smooth Luke Donald) are so pure and informative, and
the marketing is just brilliant– there’s not even a hint of
YARDS YOU’LL HIT IT 400 YARDS TOO”, it’s just from start to finish,
beautiful marketing and film making, I unfortunately may never own a pair
of brand new Mizuno irons, but I sure as hell will be a fan forever, props
to the guys behind this account, and Mizuno as a whole.

Swelex SoSl says:

@majormythe1 I use these irons my friend. I’m a 2 handicap, 16 years old,
hitting a 7 iron at around 95 MPH.

Greg F says:

MP-4 PW – 7 iron, MP-54 6 iron – 4 iron ftw!

Atla s says:

First thing I’m doing when I get these Irons is taking the paint out, it’ll
be a sexy all chrome look!

Mark Oshima says:

These are surprisingly forgiving too. Honestly, I’m not one to work the
ball unless I literally have to get around a tree lol. I love blades
because when you want to keep the ball low, they stay really low. That is a
big deal when playing with a lot of wind!

SetAcoustic says:

It took me years to switch from my MP-14’s to the greatest blades ever
made… MP-33’s FTW!!

bumrusherer1985 says:

No one*……just beautiful to look at and feel great when ball striking

Powa Golfer says:

This advert reminds me why I use blades!

Dissco Burr says:

If I didn’t have the 712 MBs, I’d be ALL OVER these. If I could get these
in Satin finish…Orgasmic iron.

Mark Gillespie says:

These mizuno videos are a lot different than taylormade videos. So much
more focused the the art and process behind making a quality golf club and
not in your face advertising promising “x yards longer” with every new club

kakashi shishido says:

this would be the best looking iron ever if they got rid of the running
bird logo and it just said mizuno. still looks amazing tho

logieuk says:

Sex on a stick

Mark Gillespie says:

Does anybody know if these will be available in left handed?

AvatarX-Mr.K- says:

God this is a good commercial

Brad Pinhorn says:

hit these the other day, felt beautiful, look beautiful…amazing clubs.
may have to invest!

ghurra says:

I just think it looks exactly like the mp69.. please someone tell me that
there is a diffrense.. and theres only so much you can do with a bladed

Antony Fendt says:

If these perform as good as my MP-64 irons … certainly, they look the
goods !

majorsmythe1 says:

Whys Mizuno making irons no one will buy or use????, PGA pros rarely use
blades, so why would an amateur????

bumrusherer1985 says:

Mizuno make the best irons..not odd else comes close, IMO

BleedGarnetPissGold says:

God I hope these come in left hand

majorsmythe1 says:

Man those look good, Great Sound. If Mizuno is so good, I just dont know
why many PGA guys wont play Mizuno. All you see is Taylormade, PING,
Titleist (which I like) . I realize guys get paid to play clubs, and mizuno
wont pay,,,,but the top PGA guys have lots of money, they dont need more
money, yet, most still dont pick Mizuno- and some of their clubs are great.
This looks awesome!!.

KrisShaw100 says:

Irons look great!

tigerbalm says:

Muscleback? I thought these were all blades…My MP-57’s are muscleback.

DomDification says:

Such classy marketing by mizuno, not as brash as many other companies.

steven milam says:

Can’t wait to win with them!!!

W. Jones says:

These clubs make me drool! I want them!

Jonathan Golf says:

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