Titleist AP2 Irons TaylorMade MC Forged Irons

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http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield hits with the Titleist AP2 and the TaylorMade MC Forged irons in this hit off. See how the two great golf clubs match up and compare. The AP2 irons and the Forged MC irons are both aimed at golfer looking at improving their golf game with control and feel. The soft feeling and smaller head design with classic looks will help the better player keep the launch low and the feel for distance high.


Scott Smith says:

I use the MC irons, I am a low teen handicapper. They maybe above my game
but there is no comparison when hitting the correct strike on the face.

Dylan Stephenson says:

use the mc forged…first set of REAL company irons and there great!
breaking 75 now, with some work 

tunelessspy807 says:

What set of irons do you use today in your bag

Alexis Lopez says:

Would it be posible to come down to the driving range to try out the mc and
other irons as im starting to not trusy american golf!

TheeFreakiishlyz says:

These 2 are currently the irons I desire, but just can not decide. I’m a
fan taylormade, but I am liking the AP2 710s.. Both are the same price, but
unable to actually hit them. Handicap is 13-15 (haven’t played in a while),
looking to get into singles. Any advice about these 2?

MmafighterThe says:

i have mc’s with project x shafts in them, love the irons. taylormades feel

therealWTFproduction says:

Just bought the TaylorMade! Greatest clubs ever! I get an extra 20 yards,
but I can hit just as accurately as my pure blades! Just crazy!

johnbean09 says:

I tried both irons out, it was a hard choice to make they are both great
irons. I went with the Taylormade, my game has improved massively not
saying the titleists wouldn’t have. But the Taylormade just tipped it for me

Daniel Lee says:

i love my mc irons

Chuck Norris says:

@forzaitalia456 Never heard of it, you must’ve been speaking to a retard

Clint O'Neil says:

@forzaitalia456 it makes a difference you dinkus.

Evan Diede says:

Mark, not to go old school or anything, but could u do a video on the
taylormade burner plus irons, thank you.

forzaitalia456 says:

Why does everybody need to mention there age nobody cares

matt kingston says:

I have the mc’s in 6-pw and the cb’s 4-5 iron, and I luv them, great feel
and predictabilty. I won’t be changing until my grooves wear out, good vid
and a very nice swing.


I like both makes and as long as the ball goes in the hole before it
reaches a bogey who can complain 🙂 ps could u guys check out my swing on
my channel, cheers keep it up mark

dillonmdr says:

Can You Talk About Titleist Fitting Works Vs. TaylorMade The Kingdom?

kyle819z says:

hey im a 9 handicap and r looking for new irons, do u recommend the ap2’s?

xXxTupac4everxXx says:

great review mark i play the ap2 and they are better then the mc in my
opinion i feel like you get better feedback when you misshit them i can
feel them make a click sound so ap2 wins

000KR4SH00 says:

compared to the R11s are these easier to shape??

forzaitalia456 says:

What’s a dinkus is this another stupid American slang word

Aaron Frazier says:

whats on the end of the shaft of the Titleist toward the club head?

jinxym says:

Hi Mark could you tell me if the wilson prostaff lcg irons are any good for
a total beginner ? regards james

Eric Zimmerer says:

i have the a first year ap2’s i love them except they go way to high for
some irons. you can work the ball great. but when i do find my self i need
to punch out it is very hard to keep the ball low enough. i do love them a

leungzero says:

@1987jughead just wondering shouldnt u get sort of taylormade MB instead of
MC, or get some more sort of blade-like irons…

97hclark says:

What irons would you recommend for a mid to low handicapper

ShoozySoozy says:

have you done the taylormade r11 irons yet?

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