Titleist AP2 Irons TaylorMade MC Forged Irons

http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield hits with the Titleist AP2 and the TaylorMade MC Forged irons in this hit off. See how the two great golf clubs match up and compare. The AP2 irons and the Forged MC irons are both aimed at golfer looking at improving their golf game with control and feel. The soft feeling and smaller head design with classic looks will help the better player keep the launch low and the feel for distance high.

26 thoughts on “Titleist AP2 Irons TaylorMade MC Forged Irons

  1. I use the MC irons, I am a low teen handicapper. They maybe above my game
    but there is no comparison when hitting the correct strike on the face.

  2. These 2 are currently the irons I desire, but just can not decide. I’m a
    fan taylormade, but I am liking the AP2 710s.. Both are the same price, but
    unable to actually hit them. Handicap is 13-15 (haven’t played in a while),
    looking to get into singles. Any advice about these 2?

  3. Just bought the TaylorMade! Greatest clubs ever! I get an extra 20 yards,
    but I can hit just as accurately as my pure blades! Just crazy!

  4. I tried both irons out, it was a hard choice to make they are both great
    irons. I went with the Taylormade, my game has improved massively not
    saying the titleists wouldn’t have. But the Taylormade just tipped it for me

  5. I have the mc’s in 6-pw and the cb’s 4-5 iron, and I luv them, great feel
    and predictabilty. I won’t be changing until my grooves wear out, good vid
    and a very nice swing.

  6. I like both makes and as long as the ball goes in the hole before it
    reaches a bogey who can complain 🙂 ps could u guys check out my swing on
    my channel, cheers keep it up mark

  7. great review mark i play the ap2 and they are better then the mc in my
    opinion i feel like you get better feedback when you misshit them i can
    feel them make a click sound so ap2 wins

  8. i have the a first year ap2’s i love them except they go way to high for
    some irons. you can work the ball great. but when i do find my self i need
    to punch out it is very hard to keep the ball low enough. i do love them a

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