Mizuno ST190 Drivers I Gear Review I Golf Monthly

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► In this video Neil Tappin tests the latest drivers from Mizuno – the ST190 and the ST190G. How did they perform?

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ripyerballs says:

Great looking drivers a mush try.

Bwen FYI says:

Someone get this bloke some decongestant!

Tommie Thatcher says:

They look stunning,well done Mizuno ??

Jean Ferret says:

A huge improvement over the bling blue colour scheme.

Juan Soto says:

Good thorough review and I can't wait to try these clubs for myself. Any other shafts available for it other than the tensei?

goodswen mark says:

you are longer than lee westwood amazing with that swing

Matthew Tutt says:

Quality club maker at a more sensible price point (than the bigger boys) and a driver that looks as good as it performs ……… I suspect this thing will be their best selling ever and rightly so.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Awesome. Very interested in the take up of these clubs especially with the respective price points!

SuperYoda7 says:

So not much in it compared to last years driver.

DB George says:

Fantastic looking clubs, I think now they have ditched the blue they may see more sales imo.

Bill Ryan says:

Neil what are shaft options and why might speed numbers go up when you added loft other than maybe strike good honest work cheers ??⛳️??‍♂️

Keith Hassall says:

Neil thanks, enjoyed it. Currently play the ST180 very long off the tee, down side always hit with a fade. Eager to try the ST190. Downside for me is why Mizuno do not offer option to exchange weight mass on rear of 180/190 club head?

M. Marin says:

Been waiting for this!

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