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  1. Hey Rick, I love the game of golf and I like to think tat I am not too bad at the game. I can only play golf and I don't really have the money to afford good clubs. If there are any old clubs that you happen to have I think people like me would really appreciate a give-away even if they are old clubs, because honestly something is better than nothing. It is completely up to you but I think it is a good idea. I love your channel and thank you for all of the videos.

  2. I purchased a set of t7's a couple months and I do have to admit they're a bit hard in terms of feels compared to my old vokeys. Overall good performance though.

  3. These videos are fun to watch ? It would bee interesting to see some budget wedge testing, or maybe brand names don't like that ?

  4. Hey Rick, I have a mizuno mp5 PW to 4 iron and I have a ping g30 3 hybrid, 3 wood and driver. I want to put a 3 iron and maybe even a 2 iron in my bag. What iron setup would you suggest for a 2 and 3 iron?

  5. I have the blue mizuno wedges from last year and the blue does ware off quickly on the bottom where the club strikes the ground, but other then that the clubs look great and people constantly want to take them out of my bag to look at them

  6. Like the wedge review, the "on course" style testing is a good addition with data backup is great.
    IMO I like the T7's, having used other Mizzy wedges previously (MP R12's and T5's) I couldn't be happier with the T7s I purchased at the start of the year.
    Not seen any spin drop off after using for a while, feel is good, blue has only faded on the bottom (actually looks fine), but what I really like is how the blue/grey face frames the ball much better.
    And, if they're good enough for Luke Donald…

  7. Great video again Rick. The spin on the 60• doesn't add up?! Best was 7100, worst was 5200, but average at 7300? Cleveland RTX3 wedges for me. ?

  8. Been mulling over swapping my sm5 vokey set for a set of these or cleveland cavity backs. Don't think I will be getting Ion blue after this review, thanks for the warning Rick. If I do go with the T7 will get them in satin white. Would you say the T7 is still softer feeling than the vokey?

  9. I am a huge Mizuno fan but I must admit that these wedges do not appeal in the least to me. With the short game, feel is everything and I simply don't think these clubs deliver. Not for me.

  10. Blue finish seems kind of like the "Oil Can" finish of the Vokeys, which wears off in time. I have the JPX 900 Forged (not the Tour). Those irons have Boron in them as well. Do you think they'd integrate better into a set of 900 FORGED?

  11. Hi Rick,
    On the 50 yard shots you took out one shot (the thinned one) but you didn't adjust the averages. Otherwise; great review. Keep them coming!

  12. I tested these at the start of the year and in my opinion Mizuno have taken a step backwards with the "boron" nonsense. Both the JPX 900 Forged/Tour and the T7 wedges "feel/sound" awful compared to other Mizuno forged irons/wedges. Even cast Vokeys feel/sound better and they're towards the bottom of the pile in terms of "feel".

  13. Great review Rick! Loads of detail and information and plenty of close ups. I've had a Vokey Indigo blue 60 degree wedge in the bag for several years now and the blue fades a little bit it's still a blue wedge.

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