Mizuno T7 Wedge – Full length R&D film with Luke Donald

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The T7 wedge increases the reliability of our precise Grain Flow Forged heads with longer lasting spin control. Forged from a single steel billet infused with trace amounts of Boron, the T7 boasts a more durable groove than normal forged wedges. More info at golf.mizunoeurope.com


Katherine Melvin says:

I just got the blue t7 wedges and they are the best feeling wedges I've ever seen or played.

Brian Stratton says:

Great video!!! Would love to hear a sales pitch on why to use these over the S5s (if making a new purchase for either)!

VWRabbit2008 says:

I've tried mizuno wedges before and hated everyone of them.

JWalk says:

I think i know what wedges i'm getting this Christmas..#bluemagic

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