Mizuno JPX919 Irons Fitting

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Mizuno JPX919 Irons Fitting

We went to Mizuno’s new tour fitting suite at Bearwood Lakes to go through a full JPX919 irons fitting.

But now here’s your chance to win a fitting and a full set for yourself.

Watch the video in full for full details on how to enter.

Mizuno JPX919 irons review: First impressions

The JPX900 range which included the Tour, Forged and Hot Metal has been Mizuno’s most successful line ever for a number of reasons.

Brooks Koepka has won three majors with the JPX900 Tour – a product that was designed specifically for him to play.

Lots of other tour players, contracted and non-contracted, have been using this model too. It was the iron Ross Fisher used to shoot a record-breaking 61 on the Old Course.

So that’s some pretty decent success on tour with the first-ever JPX product which was designed for the world’s best players.

Traditionally the Mizuno MP irons had been for the better players and the JPX had been for ‘game-improvers’.

In the pro shops and retail outlets the success of the JPX900 range was even more impressive.

The JPX900 Forged has been the brand’s best-selling forged iron to date.

The JPX900 Hot Metal has been their best-selling iron to date.

So how on earth were they going to make improvements with the new JPX919 line?

Well, we’ll get on to the technology in a minute but I think we can all agree that the aesthetics have taken things up a notch.

They are more refined, stylish and classy. We’ve got similar design principles running through the JPX919 Tour, Forged and Hot Metal.

The straight lines, the logo placement, the finish all make it look like these irons are from the same family.

So if objective one was the make the JPX919 look better than the JPX900 then that’s a good start.

Much of it has been about tweaking and refining.

The JPX919 Tour is actually slightly more compact than the 900 but Mizuno have made it it bit more stable around the perimeter.

They have also incorporated the same high density grain flow forging process as in the MP-18 line which improves the sound and feel.

So it looks a bit sleeker, sounds and feels a bit better but actually has a bit more stability making it suitable for the Brooks Koepkas as well as the ‘better’ handicap golfers.

With the JPX919 Forged we’ve again got a cavity design and the use of boron-infused steel for more ball speed.

Weight has been removed from the face which allows a lower, deeper centre of gravity making it easier to launch the mid and long irons.

The JPX919 Hot Metal promises to launch the ball high and fast but still offer a surprising amount of feel and feedback.

The Hot Metal now offers a steeper transition into more compact scoring irons and wedges, with set-matching gap, sand and lob wedges available.

These wedges are engineered from a softer X30 steel with precision-milled grooves and faces for improved spin and control around the greens.

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Matt Gardner says:

My mind's tellin' me Forged, but my body, my body's tellin' me TOUR!!! Either way, these would be a significant upgrade on my 10-year old TaylorMade R7s…

Neil Cowie says:

I’d go for forged – best of both worlds between control & forgiveness. Happy to be proved wrong though by a tour fitter. Evidence based decision making.

Bob McMeans says:

i would love to get fitted.

james mcanulty says:

Nothing feels like a Mizuno!!!
Well pick me and prove it!!
I am a high handicapper and have never been fitted, would love to have a mix set of forged and hot metal for a bit of forgiveness.

Tim Hawkridge says:

Got to be the tour, by far the sexiest iron this year!

Steve Heninghem says:

I think the forged are most likely to suit me but I would put myself completely in the care of the professionals and take their advice.

Craig Morton says:

I'd love a mixed set of forged in the long to mid iron and tour at the lower end…. maybe a hot metal 3iron to finish the set…. great competition guys!

Gareth Roberts says:

Love the look of the forged and would suit my game with the added forgiveness

Graham P says:

I’d choose the JPX919 Forged for the combination of looks, feel and forgiveness.

Ross Danaher says:

Combo Set between the Forged (4 – 7) and Tour (8 – AW). Compact head size really helps me with turf interaction in the scoring irons while the extra forgiveness from the Boron and confidence from a slightly larger profile would help in the longer irons.

William Crothers says:

I’ve got the hots 4’the Hot Metals, and am feeling the R & D by Mizuno will produce quite a tight grouping of shots, given 1/2 the chance. Disclaimer: I own Nine, JPX-900 Demo Irons, three Six-Irons, and six 7-Irons. Over the past month, end of ‘18 season here, I’ve found ‘The touch shots, pitches and chips etc. with the Hot Heads are magical. Lots of spin, even at partial speed(s). #HugeSweetSpotFace …Anxious to get’ Hands~On w’ some 919’s. Question: Has anybody ever Combo’d all three version’s into a single set(!?) I would. U’Watch;) #Chance(?)

Si Barber says:

I would like a combo set of the forged and tour in the shorter irons I think

GamingCobra YT11 says:

Simon Newcombe
Forged sound like the clubs for me

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