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Reviewed by PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Studio in Lytham using GC2 and HMT launch monitor to provide you with the best possible information about the NEW TAYLORMADE M2 IRONS REVIEW



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chuckyz2 says:

shorter shaft. Same flight as a blade. With forgiveness. And the shorter shaft makes it more consistent. Especially in the long irons. So it says 4, which got up very high, but it is actually a 3… with a 1/2 shorter shaft. You get the distance and trajectory of a 3 with a club that is the length of a 4. Personally I think they would go just as far with more loft. They also seem like they would be good into the wind. The 6 flew lie a 5. The 4 flew like a 4. The 4 went as far as a 3 with a 4 iron trajectory.

paul lespage says:

I am going to have to try these irons since every single review I have seen is the ball fading to the left. I have Ping G5 fitted irons and no matter what I have a fade to the right. Have tried everything and just can't fix it. Not that the M2's will, just have to see.

Anthony Guidice says:

There's no question that intellectually, we know the old 5 irons are the new 7 irons, and that's why we hit it further. But in our gut – viscerally – we feel "weak" when our friends hit 7 irons as far as we hit a 5. Taylormade especially understands this and ropes us in. Weak lofts make you feel like a weak golfer – unless you clubhead speed is 119 mph. Aye?

This game can turn brilliant lawyers and businessmen into babbling idiots!

Nile Ridenour says:

Should compare the 2016 to the 2017, in the m2 irons.

Harambe says:

Personally, as a 12year old golfer, I prefer stronger lofted irons to get me the distance, however, i think that at this point where there is less loft on the 8 iron, than the loft of a bladed/forged 7 iron is ridiculous.

nhlvisualss says:

I have these irons and the lofts really don't matter you just have to adjust real nice irons

gary mcdonald says:

I have rocketbladzes the 4 iron is the same length and loft 20 degrees as my old muzino mx17 three iorn. This meant I could drop 3 iron out and put 50 degree vokey 60 degree lob wedge to have even 5degree gaps from 9 iron to lob wedge 40,45,50,55sand60 lob. this give me 130yards 9iorn 115 pitching wedge 100yards 50degree 85 yards sand wedge 70yards lobwedge. before i had only 95 yards with 52degree vokey and 75yards with 58degree mizuno tseries. Extra wedge leaves more full shots into greens.

Ace Golfman says:

This is what the pros do. They de-loft in the tour trailer to get the distances they get with their irons. imo

Mark Harriman says:

Bridgestone JPR forged is stronger. 7 iron is 28 degrees

E P says:

Rick you sort of missed the obvious comparison here… I would have liked to see you hit your own 6 iron to compare the peak height and launch angle with the M2 6 iron. Because we really don't know how high you hit your 6 iron… intuitively it would go higher than a 5 iron, but the M2 8 irons that you were hitting were lower than the M2 6 iron. If you were hitting your 6 iron essentially the same height but with slightly less distance, then that would support what TaylorMade is saying about the M2.

Zer0 Reflex says:

The Taylor made areoburner irons is actually .5* less in loft on every club

Nak Kang says:

Rick would it be ideal us that 4 irons as a driving irons ? what are some characteristics you look for in a driving iron ?

Trap Magic says:

Well it's marketing, Taylormade want to make you think that those clubs are a revolution in Golf, and are the best club ever, they just change the loft. Sorry for my english.

R Williams says:

time these club makers had to put lofts on the club so that when u say to your mates your massive ,they know your a muppet. Go as far to say trade misdescriptions what is going on at moment.

amg_14 says:

I know that this is a late comment but I think the reason that they have to lover lofts is becasue you can hit it a little further while still getting a clean strike.

Ben clark says:

These irons are better than people are saying I play off 8 and couldn't be happier with them

B Beg says:

I just got these a month ago. I'm a 15 handicap… I do not like these. I'm returning them and either getting the new Pings or Callaway's. I was not impressed with the aggressive lofts. I do not think it helps high handicap players. These clubs are marketed towards high handicappers who would not consider clubs like RSI2 or TP, so these clubs need to cater to those sorts or players. Confidence in hitting less club is good, but as the lofts decrease, it's becoming incrementally harder to hit the clubs and they are becoming less forgiving with respect to the lofts. A high handicappers or game improver will struggle to consistently square up a 5 iron with 21.5* of loft, but the marketing says this club should actually be more easy to hit and be more forgiving which I simply do not believe to be true, no matter what you do with speed slots and CG placement. On top of that, the PW is anchored around a pretty standard loft for modern CB irons, but the gapping is larger up and down the bag, making it more difficult to have the right club for the shot if the player is consistently striking the ball.

Josh Leigh says:

Rob potter needs to try all m2 clubs

Riley Shelton says:

Mr. Shiels I need some new irons right now i have the Adams a12 os irons and high school is just around the corner can you help me out. If can that would be great

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

I have Ping G irons and M2 wedges

Prot .CDN says:

You know I never got these for the distance at all. In fact I never wanted to lose them coming from a Titleist fan here. But I compared side spin and dispersion vs ping, Callaway, etc. What I did find was the overall shot shape was very repeatable with the M2 irons. I ended up checking the MPF numbers on these irons after a few monitor sessions and sure enough Maltby ranks them very forgiving with an MOI over 12 and a large 'C' value, far away from the hosel. I was quite surprised at this since the MPF normally suffers on strong lofted clubs. As a result I was seeing very good forgiveness on slightly errant shots. My guess? The lofts are indeed strong, but the shorter shafts actually help us make better contact combined with less twisting at impact on miss hits. Personally I hit the 6 iron too far but I couldn't get past the forgiveness. As a thought, I would love it if you could get past the distance factor and look at long shot dispersions on slight miss hits. Thanks.

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