Building Rory McIlroy’s Driver with TaylorMade Golf at The British Masters

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YGT Rory visits the TaylorMade Golf Tour Truck at The British Masters at Close House to talk about what the players ask for during a tournament and to see Rory McIlroy's driver being built to exact specs.

To learn more about Close House, click here:

Watch to see how TaylorMade keep Rory McIlroy fully stocked for a tournament on the European Tour.

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Ross Macfarlane says:

awful sound on this film renders it unwatchable…

Eshu3484 says:

Fascinating! Great questions and plenty of time for them to be answered.

ukjunglist26 says:

Better than crossfield ?

Sydols OZ says:

I hope you asked them to sort yr driver, Ray. There seems to be a major custom fit fault with that very expensive piece of kit you use. Or could it be "operator error"?!

Rich Boshart says:

Terrific job Raymundo. Informative and entertaining.

Harv B says:

This is my idea of heaven

Howie Land says:

Fascinating tour, Rory! Do the tour players generally use glued-in driver heads, instead of the adjustable loft versions that are in the stores? Thx!

Ken Royal says:

Really enjoy this Rory. I'd love a set-up like that!

Joe Perez says:

That looks like a much bigger rig than the TM "Tour" van that came to the local practice center over 10 years ago with clubs to demo, and an option to buy and have the club(s) assembled right there and then. Fitted for an r7 SuperQuad that I still have.

David James says:

Great vid Rory! Looking forward to hopefully seeing more coverage from the British Masters. :oD

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