NO ONE is buying these PING GOLF CLUB's anymore…

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No one is buying these ping golf clubs currently, but apart from the price you can get them for… here's a few reasons why these could be good for you!?

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Norman Dowd says:

I played the I blade, it was the best Ping I've played.

Guy Hall says:

SAS, you just described my game and physical situation…old!

My 712MB’s gutz to go! But, iBlades are still selling for $500+

Thank you 🙏🏻 😎🙏🏻

Fred .Wilkinson says:

Bought iBlade second hand for £300 4-PW. Played newer i525 before and they hit the ball like a particle accelerator which gave of a horrible feel and play. After a short readjustment period I play a lot better with more consistent ball flight and narrower spread

Dead Game says:

I’ve owned Ping Eye,Eye2,and Zing-the Eye2’s are still the best

CaffeineJunkie says:

Older video but just have to say, there are 7 guys on the PGA rocking these! I don't think they have fallen out as badly with those in the know 😁

Rickdh70 says:

Bought them new three years ago after having Titleist 735s. I like mine but not in love. Bought PXGs just as a back up set.

N R says:

I had them. They were great clubs. Sold them this year for $375 Canadian. Only got rid of them because I was fit for another set and had them custom built. There were hard to sell because of the word “blade” even tho they were more cavity back with a blade feel.

Vadim Nimarov says:

cos the callaway st pro irons felt better for me and also more reasonable

PastaPunisher77 says:

I believe the real reason why Nike got out of the golf equipment industry is because they are used to dominating every market they touch and they were like fifth or sixth in line in the golfing world. Did they still make money off their equipment probably but not anywhere close to what profit margin‘s they are used to seeing in sports like basketball. I

Red Pilled says:

Went from burner 2.0 to the i59s, lost distance but it’s crazy how much more control I get working the ball either way. Cost an arm and a leg but I’m more than satisfied with the feel. Also loving the new stealth driver, hitting bombs

Richard Arden says:

I had a set of these. Not really any better than the Ping s55. Also the inserts fall out of the back of the heads. I think the biggest problem is the iblade isn’t forged. Most lower handicaps want forged and can get it from other offerings, with some forgiveness too.

Bill McMillan says:

Why buy new clubs? I've been playing my set for several years and I have gotten very accustomed to them and I have made it to a 5 hdcp. Why would I want to start all over with new clubs, especially with the premium price tag attached to every new set these days.

Derek Whyle says:

Until Ping produce a new cast head players iron I’m not interested in their products. I waited a long time to replace my iblades and then Ping launch an overpriced hollow club as their replacement, I went Callaway. I feel entirely vindicated when I see Matt Fitzpatrick winning the US open with S55 irons that Ping chose to stop making several years ago.

Myhood Bali says:

Gameable iron set. I will take it for free.

Michael Brady says:

I use Ping Rapture V2 irons and a Ping G20 driver, would not change for anything

Andrew Evans says:

im seeing these on eBay for a lot more (yes accounting for exchange rate).

John Clark says:

oh & standard length black dot suits 95 % of golfers. when was the last time you had a lie on the fairway that wasnt either below or above your feet???

John Clark says:

best irons , well most playable ping ever made are the ping eye 3 osize. & youll get 4 thru 9 on ebay for less than £100..

Diogenes 9561 says:

When I was in my 30s, I played MacGregor MT forged blades because they were classic forged blades and Jack Nicklaus played them. But, being in my 70s now, blades are just not an option, I play Ping G20s. I have a set of Eye 2s, 2 sets of Zings, and a set of Zing 2s and all were OK at various times before age caught up to me. My belief is that you play what works for you. If you can hit blades, congratulations but the G20, a forgiving club with a wide sole and low weighting, is my choice. Those blades are good looking and have the classic seductive iron form but those good looks are no longer commensurate with my abilities. Then again, the older I get, the better I used to be. 😄

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