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In this weeks Impact Show, we analyse Jason Days golf swing and answer one question we get asked a lot. How do you start the downswing? We show you how Jason start's the down swing and give you one simple swing thought that could make all the difference in creating a GREAT down swing.


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next!

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Thunder279 says:

Ive had so many "swing thoughts" in my head that it was becoming frustrating. Gave this drill a try today and instantly had better synchronization on my downswing and had great contact with the ball. Cheers!

Robert Johansson says:

Jason day is stuck.

Tyler Clark says:

I’d love to see a swing analysis of Brooks Koepka! I love the channel, you guys are very insightful, simple, and informative. It’s very easy to apply these lessons. Y’all are awesome, thanks in advance!

juanfpaez P says:

Thanks for this analysis. Should the thought be to pause at the top of the backswing? Also I vote for Adam Scott for the next swing video!

Kevin Queen says:

I would like to know how to stop a long iron on the green the way Jack did!!!

Les Simmo says:

How about you guys start analyzing some senior golfers and not the cream of the crop.

holst golf says:

Drills for good putting before a round for example

rojambeau says:

My swing thoughts as I go into my back swing: Don’t try and crush it….don’t try and crush it….don’t try and crush it….I’M GONNA CRUSH THE F OUT OF IT!

Will Broadbridge says:

Can you talk about offset. I’m about to go to blades with no offset from game improvement irons with lots of offset. What shapes can I expect to see? What should I look out for ?

Thomas Stoy says:

Green reading is difficult for me. Mostly I overread the breaks.

Nirvaan Sukdev says:

Could you do a video about Green reading tips.

Pey Fat says:

How about a video about drivingirons. I’m having a hard time with my GAPR.

Nick Ramirez says:

Jordan Spieth irons and chipping

nack says:

Practically did this drill fore tempo. Centralizing the lead knee gives me more time to load the downswing and keep it from going over the top and firing the hips too fast. Though Ive be trying to go for the feeling of my back swing will still be going up nearing its completion and start my downswing with my hands and arms still slightly going back still but very near to the top giving that extra strain of the leftside when i start the downswing. what are your thoughts on transition of the top of the swing should there be a pause or be intertwined ? or apples and oranges

Glenn Watson says:

Is it just the camera angle or is the ball really far back in his stance.

Robert Johansson says:

you do understand why he has back problems right?

Krishna Karanam says:

You missed 2 key points

1. His left arm bends when starting the downswing and he keeps it bent and loose from then on
2. When he is pushing off the ground, his right arm in fully extended just before impact

Grant Weddell says:

I struggle with my downswing with my irons … I find myself coming in too steep (over the top) … what are some drills to work on getting a better (shallow) downswing?

Thanks for the awesome content ?

Nicholas Herman says:

How about Tommy Fleetwood and his amazing iron game over the last year.

wynne baker says:

Great job guys! Can u do a lefty swing analysis?

Porsche911luv says:

"swing thought" ,"don't miss it don't miss it" and…. I missed it.  Next swing, "don't miss it don't miss it"…….

David Coetzer says:

Hey Guys. Thanks for the great vids. How important his keeping the head on the down swing. I tent to move my head a bit forward on the down swing when swinging fast and fade the ball .

MyNetTutor says:

3rd complete ACL tear 🙁 Do you have any swing considerations for ACL compromised golfer? Right knee right handed golfer.

Matt Keller says:

talk about hitting different shots from the rough and different lies

Alex ganaza says:

Tips on how not to flip at post impact

Mathew Tuomey says:

do you not think its a chain re-action? Eg i get across the line at the top, so then i have to pull down and get ahead of it first move then flip with the hands at the bottom rather than the body

Tristan Vincent says:

I started playing with a baseball grip but feel like if I really want to be accurate I need a better grip. However I tried to change my grip and can barely get the ball off the ground. Any suggestions

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