ONLINE GOLF INSTRUCTION: Perfect Your Impact w/ More Forward Shaft Lean

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Click the link above to watch the full “Right Shoulder in Golf Swingvideo for FREE!!!
Online Golf Instruction works on how to get more forward shaft lean and get perfect impact today!

The moment of truth – impact. It is all that matters in your golf swing. With perfect impact, you will hit the perfect shot. It is both that simple and that complicated.

Most golfers struggle to get enough forward shaft lean, and it all comes down to moving the right arm and wrist correctly. Most golfers are uncomfortable getting the right arm to work in front of their torso, without opening their chest.

In this video I will go over how to do this move correctly, along with drills, and even a bonus video to help you further improve.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future on your golf game.

Clay Ballard

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MrWattsy84 says:

Clay I’ve just filmed myself and it seems my hips are out racing my arms,
at impact I can’t get my hands infront of my left thigh, when I hit the
ball my hands are alongside my right pocket (hips fully open) and shaft is
straight (no lean) I can get into the correct positions in slow motion but
when swinging at at ball I can’t do it! 

MrWattsy84 says:

Yes I am a member of the site, I feel I hit the ball better with the
downcock action at the range (mats) but hit it fat on course, weight shift
is my main focus but perhaps on course I don’t do it enough? 

MrWattsy84 says:

Hi clay I think the 2nd/3rd clip in this video just answered my question
So I know I lag the club more now than before as my distance on my 7iron
has gone from 145 to 160 at the range on mats but my brain goes blank when
I’m on course and I hit it fat still! 

MrWattsy84 says:

No, I’m asking about the feeling from the top really, do I feel I’m
physically holding the lag angle from top or should I feel I’m letting go
of the club at the top (lose grip/wrists) allowing the club to lag on its
own? I get better distance this way BUT on the course I still hit behind
the ball! 

MrWattsy84 says:

Good drill clay, it has made me get better contact on the ball, but while
I’m trying to get away from casting late on just before impact (not from
the top) should I feel like I’m physically holding this lagged position
right through to full extension post impact OR will it happen naturally
with light grip and loose wrists? Or is it a bit of both? 

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