Part 1 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney

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Part 1 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Part 1 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney

This course is beautiful, watch as Rick takes on @scott_arnold13

liam f says:

Rick u lucky SOB, i have played on the next course but one to NSW gc, can
not remember its name.I always wondered what NSW gc looked like, now i know
Really good picture quality on the iPhone 

gordon o'riordan says:

Geez there sud have been a warning about those semi skimmed milk bottles
sticking out from your shorts Rick, as some1 else said quality is fine,
Scott seems a great golfer and a lot easier swing to watch than the last
time u played on foreign soil with another golfer

Jacob Streiff says:

how sweet was that 3 wood tee shot by scott

Golfguy076 says:

Great golf less said about the shorts the better!

Diego Diaz says:

And THATS why Aussie kids and US kids are so much sporty than here….that
stunning weather they have. Who would want to play PS4 when you have that
course with that view ?………and ehmmmm those legs are a bit too white
Mr Shiels.

Cace Smith says:

Good grief…what a gorgeous view and golf course! I’ve said it before +Rick
Shiels but you have the best job in the world!

James Littler says:

Agghh! What has been seen cannot be unseen. Great video as usual, though
a warning in the description would have been useful. I’ll brace myself and
look forward to part two. Good work.

Scott Little says:

Seems like ur sun cream factor is to high.. try a factor 8 on those white
legs lol.. great video and what a great swing Scott has.. looking forward
to part 2 already

Peter D says:

The NSW is one tough course in the wind, enjoy your Aussie trip, Rick :-)

nigel Turner says:

need some fake tan on those legs rick

Carl Broadbent says:

You should apologise for those legs not the camera. Lol 

Kevin Livesey says:

View is better at the Coast, as it is in front of NSW. NSW is the better
course, but the coast is public.

Scott Glennie says:

Wow looks awesome!! Only in Aus the 3rd hole is a boomerang shape hole!!

Digby Howis says:

Welcome to Australia. Hope you had a good time. Trying to get Mark
Crossfield and his entourage here too.

Alan Mills says:

Superb views and course Rick. Man those legs need some sun!

Michael Rolton says:

Is the pale skinny guy thinking of emigrating?

Hudson Harris says:

Hey rick can u please make a video on the short game

liam f says:

I am watching all 3 parts again. This is a fine piece of work Rick. Great
camera work and editing. It was almost like being there with u.

Matt Vernot says:

Bringing out the bowling pins ey?

JAG sixtyfive says:

This is what Golf is really all about. Fantastic Golf Course, lovely
weather, and friendly company, no need for the immature ignorant ‘banter’
that some other Golf ‘Pros’ are dishing up on Youtube. Just shows how much
fun on a Golf Course can still be had without all that childish patter. I’m
happy to stay with the real grown ups’ on this channel and leave the other
guy to appeal to the kids. Looking forward to the second instalment. Nice
one Rick!

Golf Buddy says:

Hasn’t nike patented the color ‘volt’? 

Mark Dean says:

What a dump! ;-)

ranga12239 says:

Hey rick. Great videos mate. Enjoying the Aussie weather?. How long are you
in Brisbane for. ?? there is a golf Academy just out of Brisbane in
Jimboomba.Hills golf Academy. Come down and check out our program.

Stephane Gauthier says:

looks amazing!

Pierre Paquette says:

Rick…you should use the iphone 6 camera all the time…it doesn’t shake
compared to the camera you normally use, it’s IN FOCUS all the time and the
picture quality is great…please think about it

Jordan Cox says:

I thought the quality was awesome! Looks like an amazing course – hurry up
with Part2 already :)

SnakeFeeder says:

Great Vlog….can’t wait for the rest! I played a lot of golf at NSW as a
youngster and it’s great to see it featured here. Beautiful
course…monstrous when the wind blows…

David Savage says:

wow, what a course! Rick Shiels living the dream! The camera work was
fine and why not share a few clips from the tourist trip ;)

Steven Doswell says:

Dang Rick I’d like to be able to hit the ball like you. Great vids thanks

mike hunt says:

Those legs tho 

Kevin Haigh says:

Thanks for this Rick. I believe Ricky Ponting is a member there? The iPhone
video is really good too!

Strat TelePaul says:

The trip must have been more expensive than Rick realized. He had no money
left for pants that go all the way to his shoes.

Steve Taylor says:

Just watch this and then watched Scott Arnold get a hole in one in the New
Zealand Open 

Nick Shalders says:

Any chance of lesson while you are in Sydney Rick? I live just down the
road from NSW GC.

Hao Li says:

try the hamilton island golf course, you gonna love it 

goodkarmatd says:

I’m having a rough time seeing anything on this video due to the
overwhelming glare coming from your legs Rick :)

jamie mclaren says:

Could have warned us about those legs man, they are a bit bright!! Nice
course though.

Steven Murata says:

Hopefully your legs get a good tan before you head for home. No beach
videos, please. Lol.

Steven Roberts says:

Great effort with the camera phone Rick! Course looks stunning thanks for
bringing this to us.

scedab says:

ohh legs. What a great looking course. you and the boys from Trafford Golf
Center turn out some cracking stuff

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