Part 3 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney

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Part 3 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney
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Rob McGuinness says:

Great video, and a real eye opener, it confirms what we already know but
most of us, including me, inexplicably choose to ignore what is blindingly
obvious, what separates a decent golfer from a very good golfer, the short
game! Scott’s short game is on a different level, I am desperate to reduce
my 13 handicap to single figures, when do I practice my short game?
practically never, every time I go to the range Driver, Driver, Driver –
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong – I need to watch this video over and over again and
next time I go to the range leave my Driver at home and practice the money
shots :)

SirBigSpur06 says:

Love your vids Rick, but man, your clothing style leaves a lot to be
desired.. ;)

Cace Smith says:

This course just got added to my bucket list. Absolutely stunning views.
And those elevation changes were pretty crazy. Great video as always!

3rdgroove says:

Pros: 1. Scott’s beautiful swing 2. The beautiful scenery
Cons: 1. New Age intro taken from a VHS cassette 2. Rick’s ridiculous
stripy shorts
Thanks Rick! And keep enjoing OZ.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Part 3 New South Wales Golf Club, Sydney

Watch this final part of this great match with @scott_arnold13

Martin Moore says:

Beautiful course rick. Is this your best course yet. Or is trump still no.

paul hutchinson says:

Awesome Vlog course & views. Top playing Rick & Scott. More of the same

Tom Cooke says:

I hope Under Armour are paying you well…

Matthias Gold says:

did you make a “in the bag” vid with scott?

Hacker2024 says:

Scott reminds me of Charles Howell!

Aidan Mcauley says:

Is he sponsored by farm foods

Carl Rushton says:


Why does Scott line up with the ball in the heel?


Digby Howis says:

look at those white legs!!!!

Jake Rommer says:

These have been my favorite of all your vlogs so far! Awesome course, great
commentary! Loving it 

MahaloMoFo says:

What the hell was that in the background at 3:36? Lol

MrBadassbuddha says:

Should have saved this one for a xmas special, Ricky the raindeer , think
you need some more sun cream on your bugle there mate. Great vid, and scott
seems like a good guy

heshmaster says:

When will you be implementing the drone in your vLogs mr Sheils?

Alan Heseltine says:

Great job Rick I always look forward to your vogs and this was in such an
incredible location. Thanks for posting mate

Carl Moore says:

Great vlog mate. Beautiful course too. You got a bit of a glow on too Rick
on the old hooter & forehead. 

Brian Artz says:

This is one of the most beautiful course vlogs I’ve ever seen. Lucky man,

06aikens says:

Shame about the camera, incredible scenes though

Dan Oak says:

Awesome video – really pleased you got to play NSW while you’re here. Next
time remember to put sun cream on your nose !!

bwillfly1 says:

Rick, Did I hear Scott say you were using the new Prov? If so, which model?

Scott Yule says:

WOW! I’m hoping when I pop my clogs that the par 3 is my special place in
the sky.Thanks for the blog.

Ant D says:

Great VLOG on iPhone….battery flat from filming on Bondi?

penguinbmx says:

Is that mack daddy a conforming wedge?

Steve Evans says:

Get yourself a decent pair of shorts Rick!

a GamePlaya says:

would love to play there, im quite jelous

Cole Connor says:

Scott has the course record at this place,64 

Travis Olson says:

On the last hole you hit a callaway
3 wood was that yours?

TelepathicTraffic . says:

Course looks amazing.

Jong Ho Chu says:

gorgeous golf course..can’t say the same about those

superstar10155 says:

Get some sun block on that nose rick

Stuart Baker says:

What. A. Course.

xsarahxrichx xsarahxrichx says:

White ankle socks….. Wow

MegaWillwright says:

Them shorts are awful lol

Elle2528 says:

lol your legs are so white

Strat TelePaul says:


Nic Ted says:

It looks like the sort of golf course I would love to play most days tough
challenging and what views. Rick played well but you can tell who is
the tour pro, my advice to any higher handicapper is to spend more time on
the chipping and putting area, its the only way to lower your handicap.
Look forward to more vids Rick

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