Cypress Lakes GC, Hunter Valley in Australia Part 1

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Cypress Lakes GC, Hunter Valley Part 1
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Cypress Lakes GC, Hunter Valley in Australia Part 1 with the whizz kid Joel
Troy! #Enjoy

liam f says:

I think the filming quality is better with the iPhone ( NSW VLOG ), if you
had 2 phones one up next to the green to capture approach shots, then you
would not need a zoom 

Richard Walker says:

Nice vlog! It is the Rick Shiels birdie and nature channel. Good striking
for a borrowed set of clubs as well. 

Pax217man says:

I think everyone’s comments made Rick change back to his pants. Screw that!
Get some sun on those legs Rick! You didn’t get all that new under armor
gear for nothing!

Btw: these courses look amazing and yes it’d appear that warm weather
climates help your game a little bit but California is waiting for you Rick
when ever you want to come out

christopherMTLvideos says:

Thank you for wearing long pants this time

Laura Chaffey says:

I would brag that I taught that young man but he’s failed me on the naming
the mountain ranges. 🙂 First time I’ve watched more than 2 minutes of golf
in my life. Thoroughly enjoyed the banter. 

Jacob Streiff says:

coming down to Melbourne?

Stuart Pollock says:

Wow, this kids got a great looking swing.

bibilolo78 says:

Joël putting roll is so beautiful.. 

Google-is-a-pain says:

Loved playing Cypress Lakes (about 2 hours out of Sydney). You can play
golf on this gorgeous course during the morning. Then visit the dozens of
wineries in the area in the afternoon. And then eat at any of a few top
class restaurants at night….makes for a great weekend! Thanks Rick and
Joel for the good golf and scenery shots.

Digby Howis says:

great to hear some aussie accents in there

MrDazza64 says:

Feeling really sorry for ya coach, looks right shabby out there! You’re
swinging it nicely tho bud. Atb, Darreyl. 

Nigel Day says:

If you think these courses are good , stop off in Bali on your way home and
we will blow your mind 😉 by the way I’ve noticed you’ve changed your
putter grip !!! 

Peter Edwards says:

I need to play this course, gorgeous! Pretty decent wildlife camera work
there too!!

oliver payne says:

Hi rick I’ll be playing at halks nest tomorrow which is in the hunter
valley if you are still there would might see you

Mark Bond says:

You know you have spent to much time golfing when you don’t know the name
of the mountains you live next to.

Sil3ntSup3rstar says:

Firstly Aussie Aussie Aussie

SwingR Golf says:

+Rick Shiels PGA can’t wait to see more videos of your trip in Australia.

TheFester999 says:

We get the odd deer on my course, but that’s nowhere near as cool as those
kangaroos. Awesome 

Camran Walton says:

play at kurri kurri rick

Steve Taylor says:

Winning like the England Cricket Team 😉 ”GO THE MIGHTY BLACKCAPS” 

wolfsjetta12 says:

18 years old with a swing like that! If only I could turn back time. 

Alan Heseltine says:

Nice vlog Rick, amazing views again.

getitclose72 says:

Is that your G30 LS with a AD-DI??

Erik Biles says:

is that a Deep Impact shaft +Rick Shiels PGA??

Ron Titterton says:

Go Joel. Nice putting stroke.

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