PGA Tour Driven COURSE Vlog – With Austrian Junior Golfer + “Whats in the bag”

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Check out this PGA Tour Driven Course Vlog and Whats in the Bag with Tobias Kramer, 11 year old for Austria.

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Robert Oliver says:

I hope this kid keeps playing golf. Since he is playing at such a young age
it could be easy for him to get burnt out on it. He is very good and I
would hate to see him quit because of playing to much.

Caleb Cross says:

i like the kid! its kind of hard to take him serious because he talks
pretty grown up for his age but hes a very skilled golfer! and funny to
watch. you can definately tell he knows what he talks about.

terje teder says:

This guy is really bad player

sam rodgers says:

he plays better than most men who have been playing 20 years def
better than tiger

David Barnes says:

what is the length of his driver

Phillip St Clair-Holmes says:

What a great kid,I hope he follows his dream all the way to number 1,
forget the jealous negative people! 

Matthew Collins says:

Sorry, but 11…. hes spoilt and too grown up for his age. Range finder and
golf cart, jees. Designer watches, jees. Good swing though, but he needs to
learn life

Hays Nash says:

Is that TPC scottsdale or where is it? 

David Mazurkewich says:

Wait till he meets Max Sekulic farm boy from a small farming community in
Alberta, Canada and gets his ass kicked… Playing on a little 9 hole
course…. pathetic how much money parents have and want to ” buy ” their
son or daughter a golfing or sports career.. We see so many filthy rich
families from Asia send their daughters to America to hit golf balls 8 hrs
a day.. To pursue a LPGA career.. Wow !!! Do you think a kid needs custom
built set of clubs from Ping … Reallly what a money grab !!! I will take
soccer, baseball , basketball, and hockey so ordinary kids from middle
class or working class have a chance to chase their dreams !!!!!! range
finder really ? totally pathetic !!! I grew up with a hand me down baseball
glove and running shoes thank you mom n dad for raising me the ” proper way
” !!!!

Matthew Fringer says:

yes guys he is rich but so what u guys its 2014 everon has range finders
geez i have a 500$ 1 and i have 1000$ dollor irons 450& driver the total
to all my clubs is 2,461$ and im 12 i have a 5 grand watch who cares 

Elias Cojab says:

gabe im 16 and currently a 2 handicap but a sometimes shoot in the 60s. is
it a rational goal to try to be scratch this year? ps you are the man i
love your vids 

Abner C. Kemp says:

That kis is hilarious. He also has amazing course management skills. 

Franz Kinsky says:

Haha that’s cool! I ‘ve played with him 2 weeks ago at the Salzkammergut
Golfclub in austria and now he was under my recommended videos the world is

DjTak3On3 says:

little rich kid who probably wont play the game in 10 years time :)

David Mazurkewich says:

Grahame Delaet grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan played hockey,
curled, baseball and other sports and never par took in any formal golf
lessons and to let you know he is tied 7th at BMW championship !!!!

Henrik Stenson says:

great vid gabe, can’t wait to see him play on tour alongside me.

Evi RS says:

That kid is way ahead of his time. He talks like he’s 18 and golfs like it
too. If he sticks with it, he’ll be a good golfer.

DoctorJedi says:

What a great swing. I wish was playing when I was his age.

mchaggis1994 says:

My driver is as long as this kid is tall. What a boss!

Ryan Silver says:

damn, this kid is smart

rianco says:

20mins is perfect. its like a nice full tv episode. are those no1 grips i
see you using? kj choi and y.e yang also uses them. stick’em!

AJ Miller says:

This kid is baller do more vids with him

DjTak3On3 says:

wind?? hahah thats a slight breeze

Mac Mahoney says:

he’s gouch at golf

BITY173 says:

what is the kids handicap

Evan Diede says:

This kids got the golfers swag

robocop30301 says:

‘That was like a boss’ , hahaha Toby is a good kid.

Jordan Yam says:

What a great kid he is. Hope he does well in the future. Great job on
getting these future stars in the spot light. The length of the video is
great, especially with you guys playing on the course. I could watch that
for the whole 18…lol

kdizzy333 says:

So he was top 3 in all 10 events he played.. bossman!

twohi2play says:

Thumbs up! I really enjoyed this video. 

nanjitheninja13 says:

absolute beauty, love this kid

Puregolf2000 says:


Antonio Pastoriza says:

This kid is awesome! 20 mins is a good length as well

johnstone610 says:

Gabe we need some putting tips after watching this video. Dropping bombs 

j Nicol says:

very good vid,very interesting kid,superstar in the making for sure,

Andrew Foulds says:

This kids got swag ha ha cool dude 

PeTrOsH33 says:

We shall see him on tour soon 

collins mugodo says:

Good golfer and pretty humble given his immaturity.

Nate Jackson says:

what model is the watch i already know the brand and that it a t25 but what
model? please tell….

W. Jones says:

I was wondering about that watch. I thought maybe he won it off you. Jk,
lol. Good video man.

PureSwingTV says:

Leave me feedback on length of vid, thanks!

John Olson says:

This kid is a straight stud

Alex Malone says:

Looks like Hunter Mahan

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