Ping G30 Vs TaylorMade SLDR 430

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Rick Shiels PGA says:


Johan Klarin says:

Seems obvious that the ping is superior with the same length but more
forgiveness. What shaft was in the ping you hit? 

ExlineGlobal says:

Hi Rick, which Kaili weight and flex is in your TM? Enjoy all your reviews.
Thank You

Bob Schwenger says:

I just bought the G30 9 degree and rotated the shaft to 10 degrees and the
club feels great and so do I after hitting consistently great shots!! Some
Ping to think about!

JZORD1527 says:

Great comparison Rick, love the videos! Would love to see the G30 up
against the I25 driver to see spin rate, launch angle, dispersion and carry
distance comparisons.

nuster rab says:

Rick Srixon 545 Z is awesome i hit one blows my Ping Anser away

Dean Smith says:

I use the taylormade RBZstage 2 . And love it . I trialed just about all of
them in store on driving machine and they were all fantastic but this was
the most consistently long club . I was on 10 when I got this club 12
months ago , I’m now on 6 . It’s easily added 30 metres plus off the tee . 

John M says:

Hi Rick, it looks like you have the better Tour 65 or 80 haft in the Ping
G30, have you found it much better than the average blue TFC 419 High
Balance. I wish Ping offered the Tour shafts free instead of an up charge,
since it cost $480 AUS. not fair.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Interesting they put you into the Tour version shaft in the G30, seems like
a good move. The SLDR 430 always has that ability to hit that really long
one every now and again, which I think another Youtube warrior has also
alluded to.But that G30 sure is good on dispersion. Seems sensible of you
to say a little more on course testing is needed before you make the call
either way. Just a shame us peasants don’t really have that facility. Lol.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Video: Ping G30 Vs TaylorMade SLDR 430

See which performs best on Trackman!

Tony Larremore says:

Hi Rick, love the vids man.
I’ve done two different test for myself with my current SLDR 460 TP 11*
with Sflex cut down to play at 44.25 and G30 10.5* tour 65 stiff. (Im 6’1
but perfer the shorter shaft for control)
Both times they performed nearly identical for me. My main curiosity was
the high MOI from the Ping. So, I hit a verity of shot shapes, purposeful
miss its, and choked up to imulate the shorter shaft I’m used to. The G30
plays beautifully and my miss hits were flying farther than miss hits with
my SLDR with tighter dispertion. All my center hits were really no
difference between the two. In fact, I’ve noticed most of the new club
brands I’ve hit are really close when properly specked out for me.
Conclusion: if you are a consistently good ball striker, choose what feels
best and gives you confidence because it won’t matter that much. If you
have inconsistent ball striking and like the feel, G30 is a great choice!
Lessons and proper fitting and practice and you’ll hit most
anything well. Just my opinion.
Cheers!! 😉 

Oni Link says:

Rick! I have a question that I havent found the answer to anywhere. HOW do
you twirl the golf club after a golf shot? Like how many pros do.
Do you mind telling me specifically? It looks really good

SmashYourGolfHandicap says:

I’ve had the SLDR for a few weeks now and I really like it. If I hit a pure
shot it goes a long way. Plus I believe that with a bit more tweeking you
could get the 1700 spin, 17 degree launch figures for Nirvana. The LoftUp
campaign makes a lot of sense to me and the SLDR outperforms any driver I
have owned in windy conditions. I hit a 270 yard drive today into the wind
– remarkable advance in technology in my opinion 

ethanspedge2K10 says:

Hi Rick. I definatly think you need to get your slider re fitted.
Taylormades optimum launce angle is 17 degrees with 1700 revs and you need
to aim to get the numbers closer to that spec. Your driver was launching no
higher than 11 degrees. Seems you need to loft up further. That would get
you the maximum distance from your sldr. 

Eric Davis says:

WOW! Amazing video. Thanks for posting.

Jared Consolo says:

Hey Rick great video! I’m thinking of upgrading to the SLDR but I’m not
sure if it would be worthwhile or not… I currently have a TaylorMade RBZ
Stage 1 and have seen the comparisons that the SLDR’s hit consistently
10-15 yards further. Would you say this is worth the money or wait awhile
longer and see what else comes out? Thanks in advance! – Jared

Stephane Gauthier says:

Very interesting but wouldn’t the real advantages of the Loft-up campaign
be lost with only 10.5 degrees on the 430?

Nathan Vickery says:

I’m going for a driver fitting in a couple weeks. I loved the SLDR 430 when
I hit it but haven’t had the chance to hit the G30. Very interested in
getting fitted for both. I think I’m going to need the forgiveness of the
G30 but I don’t like the stretched back look of the head. Prefer the look
of the SLDR much better. Have you made a choice yet?

chris toch says:

I just got mine today, after a fitting in July at Avignon France:
G30 driver SF Tec 10°, loft at 9°, Tour 65R

No slice at all: the ball seems to be heading right then literaly floats
high in the air and turns slightly left; Amazing light draw.

Once again, a great shaft from Ping, my launch angle was a bit to high, and
I don’t have the club head speed for a stiff shaft. Ping’s fitter Aurélien
made me test different solutions, the Tour 65R was indeed the best choice.

I’ll check the distance gain on the course tomorrow, but at the driving
range it looked massive.

I was waiting for August to change my driver.
This G30 is more than accurate, with a decent swing he’s phenomenal. I had
tested the G25 this spring and was already impressed, when I saw the videos
of Rick and others about this baby: I booked a fitting. It seems that the
G30 has taken the best of the G25 and make it even better.

A great birthday present :-D

NovaScene says:

Rick, what shaft on the G30?? U forgot to mention, is it the tour version
stiff 65gram? Why did it suite you better then the blue basic stiff version?

I know I am getting the g30 since it blows my Ping Anser away but no
proshops have the tour version shaft yet..

Mark Warner says:

Great video! been waiting for this one. My top 2 drivers for replacing my
current. Can’t wait to hit them both and see how they perform for me.
Can’t imagine going wrong with either. But I do believe the turbulators
may have won me over 🙂
Thanks sir! keep’em comin’!

Phill Rudd says:

Ping carry 271-279 (8yds)
Sldr carry 265-279 (14yds)

So ping also wins slightly on distance dispersion as well as left to right
dispersion. Most likely down to the forgiveness of the ping over the
smaller headed sldr. That could be the difference between carrying that
fairway or greenside bunker.

If it means making your golf easier and more consistent its a no brainer.
Pete won’t be happy if you out drive him with his own(yet to be confirmed
but we all know it) club 😉

Exciting times, nice vid Rick.

Daniel Cordes says:

Hi Rick,

Love your uploads keep em coming!

Could you do a G30 vs G25 leangth and dispersion video?

Thansk in advance / Daniel

Sgt Pepper says:

Think u should go 2 the 460 sldr just 4 a little more
Mark Crossfield say every driver he hits goes roughly the same distance but
the sldr is more consistent but he has 460cc

NovaScene says:

Rick, what shaft on the G30?? U forgot to mention, is it the tour version
stiff 65gram? Why did it suite you better then the blue basic stiff version?

I know I am getting the g30 since it blows my Ping Anser away but no
proshops have the tour version shaft yet..

Rick Bedard says:

Looks like all your longest drives were with the Loft Up.

Gireg Le Loër says:

Hi rick I love your différentes videos on the sport of golf so beautiful. I
love your videos then continues. excuse me for my English if I make
mistakes ;)

spriggo786 says:

lol sample size

emac417 says:

Nice video. Thanks for sharing

Maxdelch says:

Love the video Rick! Any idea when the udi video is going up?

Keep it up

ipodtouchrocks says:

Loving the videos, but why do you have baby making music in your intro? 

MrKyoo says:

I would like to see the G30 compared to the 460 SLDR

Ryan Cherry says:

I wonder if your spin would of came down more with one of there stock tour

adsfaedaer says:

can i have you old one please;)

sam middleton says:

Which shaft was in the G30 

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