TaylorMade R11s Driver

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TaylorMade R11s Driver reviewed by AskGolfGuru PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark hits the 460cc head design TaylorMade R11s and talks about how this golf driver could help you improve your golf game. The R11s features changeable head technology that allows you to dial in the flight that you want on your tee shots. You can change the loft and the lie as well as the open or closed face setting. See if the TaylorMade R11s could help you play some better golf and start hitting more fairways today.

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Judge Smails says:

Thanks as always Mark… would be great to get TrackMan data on R11S vs.
i20 vs MP650. Thanks!

Jack Zylstra says:

@69eamo ok its the r11s and the rocketballz, and yes the r11s has a lot
more options for dialing it in as the rocketballz has fewer. and the r11s
has a stronger feel in a sense, its meant for those with a bit faster of a
swing. If you swing under about 95 mph then id go for the rocketballz.

Alistair Bassett says:

haha sounded like he duffed the last one and pretended it went up in the
air lol Don’t worry mark your still the best on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcdijnh2 says:

Think is 350 squid is an awful lot for one club!!!

Lloyd D says:

i have the r11s driver its much better than the r11 version i have mine set
at 10.5 & C+ and it works fine better shaft than the first r11 . the 460cc
head really helps to get the ball out there . the sound of it is really
loud .i was on the range the other day the r11s was the loudest driver
there .

Phil Babb says:

every video is fantastic mark, now i am a beginner golfer and i have the
wison lcg prostaff, am i on the right lines and also what would be my next
step ????

Joel Hebensperger says:

I want to know one thing, Mark: What do you carry in your bag? You test all
the clubs. What do you like and which ones pass the test to go with you on
the course?

SchouGolf says:

Would love to see reviews of the Wilson FG Tour V2 irons and the new AMP
line of products from cobra ๐Ÿ™‚

Ben Kisla says:

I dont like the R11s. It was very big headed and I think that the R11 is no

Justin Ayanian says:

great video mark. I just bought the r11s 10.5 and I love it!! If you get a
chance i think your viewers would enjoy an in the bag video from you, I
know I would! thanks

Andrea Vintani says:

great mark. Can u compare it to the Titleist 910s?

is3002003 says:

hey mate, I just got this driver. Can you do some tests using trackman to
show the differences with shafts? I have added a diamanna kai’ll 60 stiff
to this driver head and I reduced my spin rate enough to add 10-15 yards.
Might be something worth sharing if the results prove the same for other
“average” golfers.

NovaScene says:

I just wonder the durability of the soleplate… :/

DustinJohnsonFan9 says:

the R11S is terrible. I was very disappointed when I demoed at my local
course. The sound was awful. If you remember the old yellow nike sumo,
thats what the R11S sounds like, only the R11S is louder. I kid you not
when I say that it hurt my ears.

gbvoul says:

I would be pissed if I spent 400USD on an r11 only for this to come out 8
months later

flipside1974 says:

Mark, thanks for all the reviews and tips, I love watching your videos.
After trying just about everything on the market, I ended up buying the
R11s with the Phenom 60 shaft and I am loving it. This is one driver that
really looks neutral when it is set up neutral. The feel/sound combo on
this driver were favorite to me not to mention that it was also as long and
more accurate than anything else that I tried. Ended up being a great fit
for me.

Leo Hong says:

He uses: Nike Limited Pro Driver G15 Hybrid Mizuno Mp64 Mizuno wedge Ping
Anser style putter

Andrew Petersen says:

Are you going to review the RBZ Hybrid?

SneakyLong says:

mark when u do ur trackman video can u also hit it aside the r11 to see if
theres any increase in spin because of the bigger head

Go0d4uRs0uL says:

Are you putting the ball on the tee with your foot?

chochanchito says:

new shoes????

cubsrock10997 says:

yeah he picks the ball up with his foot he pins the ball against his foot
with the driver so he doesn’t have to bend down lol. its a pretty clever
trick if your hitting off a mat that has the rubber tee like he does

Patrick Budicini says:

Great review! And defiantly do an in the bag we all want to see what clubs
you like best considering the amount you test.

Aaron J Sweeney says:

I wis given this club and can not control it. I hit the ball far but in my
opinion. This club is too big and uncontrolable

Travis Cotton says:

i want your job!!!!

Adam Sabo says:

Really disappointed in this club. Bought it for the hype should of got
fitted. new to golf so I learned my lesson. wish someone would by mine, but
haven’t found anyone. Club is too loud, the white face looks awesome too
bad it gets dirty too quickly. Other than that it’s my fault for not
getting FITTED!

RipCityGolfer says:

Will you every do a review on the new Bridgestone J40 dual pocket cavity
irons. Also the J40 hybrid?

rrequen2 says:

Can you please compare the Taylormade R11S driver against the PING i20
Driver? Distance, backspin and launch angle. Thanks…

mhutch009 says:

i would love to have your job

TheDrKool says:

Everyone keeps posting comments that are hating on Taylormade for coming
out with new drivers so often. I feel that if your happy with your current
driver just dont buy the new one.

Bob Twerk says:

@Aviationlover100 start coming from the inside

CalMurn says:

Can you do Callaway RAZR Fit and RAZR X Black

will122391 says:

4:33 sounded gud

theMANxGOLFER says:

Look forward to the setting comparison video on trackman

tinyt31391 says:

agreed, it sounds like you’re hitting the ball with an aluminum bat. i’ve
always been a fan of taylormade drivers, but not anymore. i recommend the
titleist 910 drivers, much better sound and feel.

Cornwall1888 says:

@JHeb73 I know he uses the Mizuno MP53 irons and just put the new Nike VRS
driver in his bag.

69eamo says:

is there much differnce in the r11 and the rocketblast can ya tell me

Aviationlover100 says:

Hi, im a 5ยด6 handicap golfer and im 13 years old, my main miss in golf is a
slice or a pull, any tips or drills you can give me ? Thanks

Jeff A says:

Thank you mark for taking your time to put up this review..

gbvoul says:

Mark, you have your top hand a little bit too strong.

zaboomafoo145 says:

hi mark i love your videos they are by far the best reviews out there, you
should do a video telling us what your favorite clubs were in 2011 and what
clubs you will be playing for 2012 thanks!

lozyp300 says:

blah blah blah ping i20 range come on chuckles were is the vid im clucking
here waiting for your review !!!!!!!!!!!! love the vids

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