Ping G425 Max Driver VS Titleist TSi2 Driver

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In this video I'm looking for the straightest hitting driver out of the Ping G425 Max driver and the Titleist TSi2 Driver. Which is the winner…….I test and show my findings.

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AP76 says:

Pretty hard to beat a Ping driver for consistency. Probably the brand that will fit the widest range of golfers. Nice head to head Michael, keep up the good work⛳?️??

daniel francoeur says:

My conclusion: On a 30y fairway Ping got 90% in and Titleist 50% in.
On good strike, same distance.
Ping seems more forgiving.
No contest: Ping is the WINNER !
Just change my 917D2 for G410, Can't wait for winter to be over

Gavin Frevert says:

30-40 yards rollouts?

Christopher Gallagher says:

Can you do a side by side of the G425 max and the Radspeed?

Andy says:

I could happily play either of those, the look of both of them appeal to me (hate the Sim) I tend to favour the Ping have played the G30 and it was just superb, great vid, I enjoyed that. ⛳?️‍♂️?

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

Thanks for the comprehensive comparison!

Dennis Evans says:

Thank you Mike.

The sound of the Ping worries me a little. I had a Taylor Made driver years ago which gave me a transient tinnitus each time l hit it. ( My club head speed was only 90 mph .) I had to stop using it.
As a medical practitioner l was concerned not only for myself but for others.
Was this tinitus damaging to hearing?
I had that club tested and at normal head level the sound was way over the 90 decibel level…. Levels above which hearing damage is known to occur.
I was pretty slack at the time and didn't follow it up as l probably should have.

Do you think it reasonable to ask Ping. ( and all other brands for that matter ) for further info. and a reassurance their driver is safe in this regard ?

Cheers,. Dennis Evans.

Dale Hillman says:

The best reviews are always head to head. Most viewers will never reach your clubhead speed but it’s nice to see side by side comparisons. Titleist and Ping fairway woods next?

Bret McAfee says:

I have a G 400 and I love it best driver I ever hit would like to try the 425 .

Stephen DiBari says:

Awesome head to head Micheal ! The Ping with the highest MOI is obviously the better driver here… consistency was amazing. The side profile of the trajectory clearly shows it all. One suggestion is to hit 5 drives with each alternating, this may even out the swings performance… Would love to see you do a head to head with the G425 Max and the G400Max !! I may go G400Max to save about $150

LankyLoon55 says:

Good test for yourself, shame about the TSI 2 strikes, would prefer to see you switching clubs every other shot with comparisons.

ian linfoot says:

If £500 was your budget.
What does £150 get you in aftermarket shafts. eg a stock TSI driver (£500) versus a 425 or mizuno with shaft upgrade total (£500). Any info or even a video would be great

Andreas Liljeberg says:

Is it only me reacting to the comments that the Ping, based on this, is the better club?!

I mean, basically, due to the difference in strike pattern there is no conclusion to be made, is there? (Other than looks and sound.)

If the strike pattern isn’t comparable, well the data isn’t comparable either. (Unless the difference in strike pattern for some reason is down to a characteristic of the club. Which I’d doubt.)

Nice test to watch though but one have to be careful in jumping to conclusions. ?‍♂️

Simon Wall says:

Ping on performance but sound is better with the titleist

noone says:

I really like the new Titleist drivers. Unfortunately both Titleist and Ping offshored their manufacturing to Communist China. Sorry, can’t buy that.

RJ Oracheski says:

Just bought the Srixon ZX7 ?

Shannon Kutz says:

Ping g425 max vs the other beast you hit great… sim max please!

Jon Sprekelmeyer says:

I just went back and looked at your review of the Wilson D9 driver and compared it with the numbers you got with the Ping G425. The numbers were very similar, and the total distance was almost identical! I know the Wilson is not adjustable but the price difference!!! I have seen other reviews of the Wilson with people saying its not as long, but then it looks like are using the 10.5 degree when comparing to adjustable 9 degree clubs so its not fair. Thank you for keeping things standard and straightforward. Cheers from USA.

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