Playing Amen Corner!! Masters Challenge vs Seb on Golf

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Big thank you Coral for sponsoring this video. Me and Seb had a great time putting these videos together. Play the Masters Smart Money Series here ►

Here is the link to Seb’s vid -.

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Thanks for watching guys and what would you give for that sim in your house!? Here is the link to Seb’s video -. and remember to play the Smart Money Series by clicking the link in the description below ?

Matt Farrand says:

How much would this setup cost?

Ben enjeje says:

I’m watching this is augusta

Star Fox says:

Sebs swing is very unique looking , but damn it works!

J Squared says:

Your shot counts jumping shows a different story lads 🙂

Swan Design says:

Cracking drives by Pete & Seb on Hole #13! Smashing! ? (clap-clap-clap)

Swan Design says:

Yay! The 2019 Masters practice round is now being televised! ?️ Fore!

Anthony Pettitt says:

Well done for encouraging people to give their details to a gambling site

Brav_123 Oh says:

So the winner will come from europe but you think tiger will win ?

Jonathan Stoner says:

No one from USA can win the smart money series. There isn't an option to choose America or USA in the countries list. 🙁

Brian Rizza says:

Ha ha ha Seb pulled chunks is what I built my channel on, at least you know your game and own it ha ha ha

september7917pm says:

Sebs swing looks horrible

Deadly Mantis says:

No doubt he can play and functional as it is……….Damn, I hate the way Seb swings a club

Ken Oath says:

GodDammit, Coral won't let me setup an account cos' I'm in "Straya… WTF? WTF!

Mark Derby says:

Great video Pete?

Nicolai Sthaalros says:

it's a shame, us from Denmark, can't participate?

pjsbulldog67 says:

Damn,.i wish my local sim course had this available

Carter's Golf says:

Finchy the sim king! Good vid guys

Troy Rambo says:

Very entertaining!

ND Golfer says:

Ok I filled all of those questions out before Pete showed us and I picked all the same answers except one. Thats better than all my golf scores!!

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