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In this week's episode of Finch Weekly we look at the recent triumph of Phil Mickleson at Pebble Beach, his sudden increase in more golf swing speed, and what you can learn to swing faster.

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Malcolm A. says:

Good content Peter; really enjoyed it as per usual
At my age lack of body flexibility is the main issue for me and one of my main goals for the next 2 months. That said, if my flex improves enough I just know I am going to go for a tad more distance LOL

david smith says:

I'm sure this is getting old , but we've all been waiting for you and rick to play a match play round through 18 , the people would pay like tiger vs Phil

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

Some clever camerawork there Pete.

Robbie Gardner says:

Pete you say the wrist hinge acts as a lever and creates speed? I had a lesson recently and was told not to do this as it was casting and that once the shoulder reaches full turn anything further is not needed?

Dane Mari says:

When u making a trip to south africa ?

Big Will says:

Cam McCormick (Speith’s coach) is doing a series on Golf Channel called The Skill Code-The Playbook. There’s an episode called Use the Force where he shows a drill that helps you find out how you personally best use the ground to create force (if you have access to some type of speed device), and then gives drills for your individual power source type. It was very helpful to learn how I best generate force from the ground, which in turn helped me focus on swing techniques that utilize my natural tendencies.

Greg Williams says:

With the likelihood of it being firm and fast for the US Open, I don’t think Phil is accurate enough to contend. There was one drive in particular that would have been in the ocean in the summer.

William Breland says:

Great video Pete. I do have one question. When my speed goes up my spin goes up massively. My clubhead speed is around 120ish with a ball speed of about 177. However, when on a launch monitor it is hard to keep my spin below even 3000 much less get it around the optimal 2000rpm mark. Is there a way I can keep this speed but take spin off. This was with the M5 both weight towards the front and an x-stiff shaft.

Civicious X says:

Lefties leave a like here!!!! ?

Tony Gordon says:

I think this is a really great insight to gaining distance but as a high handicapper until i become more consistent i need to keep the attempts to gain extra speed and distance to a minimum but sacrificing this for accuracy. As i improve especiall out of rough and bunkers then this vlog will really help. Cheers and keep up all of your great work.

Mark Williamson says:

It’s proDigy lol great vid I’m off to the range

Andy Beel says:

I think we definitely need to have a look at this as soon as I drag myself up to see you young sir! I promise it’ll be early March, as snowed under with the new job at the moment ?

Bandit Baker says:

Phil has made some subtle changes to his swing/footwork recently which has helped with his increase in clubhead speed. In his backswing, he is allowing his lead knee (in his case that's his right knee) to rotate/fold inwards which lifts his lead heel off the floor. Then to initiate his downswing he replants his lead heel and reverses the sequence. It's nothing new, Snead, Palmer and Jack Nicklaus all had a similar leg action and in their day were the Big Bombers.

jamie Purvis says:

Cameron champ , beast

Tim Tuinier says:

He’s been using super speed golf. Why not review it?

Hagan Barnes says:

I love Mick but I think the slam will elude him. I hope I'm wrong. I just feel like some turns in life go your way on the course and some turns go your way off the golf course. Phil (and wife in particular) have had turns go their way off the course. And I love that about them! Phil is a legend – period. We don't need to continue the but what if (?) dialogue. Lot's of love. Love is what makes the world go round??? Let it lay folks. Just off the green, where trouble is threatening and we have to chip our way out. # beatcancer

chaveznieves says:

I don't think this is new, phil's always been sneaky long. He can carry 300+ any time he wants. And he's talked about how technology has helped him keep up as well as even gain distance as he's gotten older. Plus I think he's also in sneaky good shape, 6 pack behind the keg.

Rob Biles says:

Pete. Yes speed equals distance and I understand how the majority of viewers out there want that. I'm at an age where I know distance is going to be reducing each year in to the future so for me it's more about consistency of accuracy.

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