Playing Golf…ON MARS! Desert Golf in Oman

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Playing Golf…ON MARS! Desert Golf in Oman – In this video we head out into the desert near Muscat and play true desert golf. This is the strangest course vlog I've done and one I'll always remember.

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E.L.Dorado says:

Many courses would be wise to lower their maintenance costs a bit but not this much. LOL

Keith Williams says:

My favorite type of course to play is whatever course I'm on, on any given day. Being out there playing is what it's all about for me

Steve Smith says:

Interesting, but as you Brits say, "not my cup of tea" Peter.

carpykeith says:

Really interesting! I seem to recall reading about early 20th century golf, I think, in Florida that before they sorted golf course standard grass strains, the greens were oiled & compacted sand and I think they did it in the middle east and India as well!

Steven West says:

I have played that course. The greens are known as Browns !!!

Dave Hull says:

You need to get Taylormade to sort you a new carry bag buddy! Ive just treated myself to a full set M6's, love them!! ?

Mark F says:

Looks great fun Pete, I have played similar, my first experience trying to play golf was on a sand scrap course in a small country town in Victoria Australia when I was about 12, it had similar "greens" to where you played, but it had patchy grass fairways, it was fun though ☺

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Looks a good way to learn your carry distances! Not much roll-out?

Michael Bluth says:

Looks like a blast

Andy Beel says:

Seems a little tricky to get the pace of the greens to be fair Pete ??⛳️ #needapintnotdueapint

Mark Santo says:

Great video Pete

Simon Smith says:

It looks awful. Part of my love of golf is the surroundings. This doesn't inspire me to play it

Richard Wales says:

You pretty much know the way your game will go after the 1st hole. My game is bad enough on grass.

Eric Ganster says:

Did you run into Matt Damon out there? ??

ramon moreno says:

Looks like it would be fun. I would not mind trying it just to have a laugh.

Tormac Gaming says:

Eric Anders Lang has a wierd new accent…oh wait thought this was adventures in golf for a sec

NinjaRider says:

This looks like a total blast! Guess its time to book a trip to Oman 😉

the GEOdude says:

So you and Carly are engaged? Congratulations!

Jay Chung says:

??? that first birdie putt! But at least the greens check up very nicely on chips ?Interesting concept for a course. I guess it just goes to show that golf will not be denied. Even by loads of snakes, beatles & spiders…oh and a complete lack of grass ???

Definitely never played anything like this course. I must sadly admit I’ve only ever played normal golf. ?

Gary Davis says:

? Ms Carly thinks you’re crazy. ?

Taylormade TP5x says:

Sponsored by TaylorMade but still uses a ping bag

thomas ross says:

You must be partaking too much of local social activities. "Ground Control to Major Pete"

Alex Paluszewski says:

This is why golf is so great! All you need is a club and a ball and you can play!!! Great video!

Brian Rizza says:

Cool adventure Mr. Finch I love your vlogs you and and the hulk Matt are my favorites

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