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Playing THE HARDEST Golf Course In The World… WITH THE BEST FORGIVING IRONS!? When playing golf there aren't many easy golf courses… but there are plenty of hard golf courses! what is the hardest golf course in the world? the toughest golf course in the world? its up for debate… does the hardest golf course in the world mean the best golf course in the world? in this video myself and @Chris Dennis Golf take on Dubai Creek Golf Club with potentially the best forgiving irons of 2021… pings best forgiving irons. the Ping G425 Irons… Forgiving golf clubs are so important when playing these difficult golf courses… so let's do it… and let's do it now!

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Dickie Harkness says:

I have the g425 irons in the blue dot and love them, I do like the crack noise off the club when you middle it! I also have the hybrid but couldn't use the driver as it sounds horrible.

oliver izzard says:

F Dubai man. Think of all the slave labor that built everything you see around you barely getting paid because the locals took their passports upon entry. You should stay away from this symbol of everything that is wrong with humanity.

Sean Scanlon says:

2:32 I know what it is now after a second look, but when I first saw that object on the right I thought that it was a pee bottle! 😳

Alan Hopkins says:

Sun cream ☹️ TIP when go petrol station whip a few of those gloves – I always carry spares in the summer in my golf bag for sun cream👍👍👍 hands stay clean and oil free👌

Brett Dudley says:

Are blue dot too upright for you james?

Stuart Carson says:

Would love to have the G425 but my budget only went to the G400 but I still love them.

grippen1996 says:

Ordered a set of G425 irons back in April. Was promised 5/6 weeks delivery at the time. Fast forward 7/8 months and still waiting on them. Will never buy a ping club again

Howard Simpson says:

Hi James. I have recently bought these irons with a seniors graphite shaft and I can honestly say they are the best irons I have ever had . Played only a hand full of rounds and my handicap has been dropped from 18 to 15 and I put it down to these irons . I find them very soft when you get them out of the middle and very forgiving .👍👍

Gazza Brownhigh says:

"Short game and putting specialist" 3 putts lol

Gazza Brownhigh says:

Why is Chris so stressed all the time. He needs to chill out a bit more or he will make himself ill

Wayne Matherson says:

The comments and anticipation of that 5i into the par 3 brought back memories of a par 3 at "The address Montgomerie" I think i made it……… splash 🤣🤣

Wayne Matherson says:

Bastards 😣🤣🤣🤣

Johnathan Williamson says:

Cannot wait for my 425 set to arrive … counting down the … months … damn you global supply chains 🙁 – I am getting a putter fitting tomorrow I wasn’t sure about the Hepplers because of the smooth face – interesting though that you liked it.

Nathan Kirkham says:

Come on Robo Els is harder!

Mark Woodward says:

You should have played entire set. The Ping fairway woods and the crossover driving irons are fame changing, and I am still rolling the 410s. Replaced Titleist TS series in my bag.

Tall Guy Golf says:

Best looking hi-handicap irons produced this year.

B Rich says:

Like golf content but come on James…. why so much nervous talk. Hard to have substance with so much talking. Have u ever timed how little time between your sentences? 🤔
Wow. James we appreciate the content. SERIOUSLY.
But I feel it could be helpful if u realized many of us play golf and u truly don't have to pretend we think u are best golfer we've ever seen. Just relax and let it come to u.
Also one little point…. the little foot move / aim point stuff you do on the greens should take a hike.
Find all pro players who suck at putting and you'll have the aim point followers roll call. There's a correlation there for sure.
Ditch that witchcrapt

garry grant says:

James mate, have u gained a stone mate

Blake Schuette says:

Where do u get all these clubs and what do u do with them when ur done making videos with them

Christopher Siegert says:

This is most certainly not the hardest golf course in the world if slope / rating are to be taken seriously. 136 / 74 is tough though. Just nowhere near the toughest.

Steve Napier says:

I've been playing the G425 irons for a couple months now. I didn't get fitted but I did go by the color chart and got green dot. I've been hitting more greens since.

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