Precision Golf – Golf Live – The Wisdom of Gary Player

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The PG Team were very lucky to visit Golf Live in 2012 – and when we managed to record some amazing (if not a little shaky at times) footage of the legend that is Gary Player practicing.

The cameras were off, the crowds had gone home, and still Gary couldn’t resist getting out there to practice his short game, and was even joined by European Tour player Rhys Davies as well for a quick lesson from the master himself (and Gary might have learnt something too).

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James Murray says:

9 Majors
More than Palmer
More than Snead
More than Nelson
More than Watson
More than Trevino
More than Faldo
As many as Hogan.

Steven Monash 62 says:

When Garry rotates .. I think it sometimes causes him to hit thin or top if… In fact, I have seen him do this a few times .. once live.. and others on video.. and even when he was a lot younger. I saw him about thirty years ago playing with Trevino in Perth Australia. He only topped it once.. but hit a straggly low hook a few times. I think he rotates and lifts his head instead of rotating his head; and lifts up out of the plane. He prides himself on sort of walking through the shot… however, i think the move is a tad too aggressive.

Steven Monash 62 says:

At least when he is buried.. he will find a way out

楊遠準 says:

hope this young golfer understood what Gary was talking about it. his swing plane was not quite right before. not many golfers are lucky to have Gary's personal advice! by the way, Tiger's swing is one of the best in history and perhaps all time best !! you must have all those fundamentals in order to shape all kinds of shot!!

Elvis Presley says:

Gary does love hearing his own voice

Craig says:

Player said "Tiger doesn't hit fairways"? Which is utter nonsense, take a look at the stats Gary.

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