Three Awesome Indoor Backswing Drills!

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The Play Inside Series is all about how you can improve your golf game without ever leaving the house!! In this second video we look at some awesome backswing drills you can do at home to improve rotation, trail arm movement and slow motion drills.

►Fundamentals –
►Back Swing –
►Through Swing –
►Short Game –
►Mental Game –

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Ted Becker says:

Thanks for the great tips Pete! Loved your conversation on Mickelson.

Paddycake s says:

I just watched a skill code episode with Cameron Mccormick, and he was saying a lot of the same things. Great minds think alike ???

Allen Sam says:

Pete has the smoothest swing! Love his swing, effortless and effective.

Griffin Hussong says:

Eric Cogorno, folks.

William Parke says:

Love them drills pete. ❤️

J4MSEVU89 says:

I only can think of Rickie Fowler who gets his right forearm / elbow pointing as far inwards as you have with the last drill. Are they’re any exercises that will help with flexibility for this or would you say simply doing the drill over and over may improve that? I’m currently obsessed with this backswing position at the moment ???

Rob Biles says:

Sticks, Tennis racquets and Boxing pads. What's wrong with YouTubes search engine, I typed in Golf practice drills.

bob walker says:

its a mitt, not a pad and if you learn to punch it helps with body rotation…….try it and you will see

Guvzy79 says:

Very well presented you’ll be on country file soon ?

B2B Bogey says:

Peter!! The more I look at that 1st advice the more pissed I get. 99% will rotate the club under plane and suck that clubhead further back your body by doing that forearm rotation. I dont get!!! Your job is being consistent and keep to the plane talking about OPS. The body rotates the club. Not arms and hands. Yeah, if you want to. But that's all about how you want it to look. For fuck sake! Keep it simple!

Kevin plunkett says:

Am I the only one that thinks Pete has realised Shiels is a total bellend and that’s why they dont do course vlogs together anymore

B2B Bogey says:

Shame on you! We're did you pick up that advice?..Man you need to buckle up! Worst peace of advice! Use your forehand in tennis. If you dont get it! Try something else.

ramon moreno says:

Great visual way to practice. Thank you peter for this great lesson.

Alex Deel says:

Another great video.

satfod says:

Great tips…thank you. ?

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