Pros vs. Ams | Golf Swing Hip Rotation πŸ”„

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In this Pros vs. Ams, we're going to do something a little bit different!

In today's video…. we're going to take you through the actual lesson with this amateur… his swing before he started, the problems he was having with his swing, and the progression to his swing being corrected!

Are you excited? because we are EXCITED!


Athletic Motion Golf says:

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Bobby Swinney says:

Take my money πŸ’΄ now please πŸ™

Kenneth Grinspun says:

Best golf instructional video ever. Played for first time yesterday after winter break. Ball striking was simply better.

Ryan Hampton says:

Guys, I have been playing golf for 25 years and understand what i am suppose to do and your video is great but your explanation is really bad. quit 2% vs 3% differences. Tell us pros do this and us amateurs do that. KISS – Keep It Simple ….

Bones and Joints Surgery says:

This is a fantastic video, only now understand the forward shift and rotation of the pelvis. Thank you

Jian Ni says:

It would be even more helpful if the critical positions (e.g. top of back swing, impact etc) are marked out.

Local Legend Golf says:

Damn, it's kind of unfathomable the amount of in depth information you're giving away for free here! Amazing video.

John Powell says:

Into the Matrix. Voila!!! This was the one. The figure 8 concept helped me but this completed me. After watching the pro's center of gravity move backwards in a reverse C I got it. Using that concept, moving my butt bone in a reverse C backwards and then parallel to the target line allows me to not only hit the glass wall behind me but to shatter it on the back swing and forward swing. After more than 10 years of youtube searching and trying, lessons etc etc, i found this needle in the haystack. I understand why your student gave you a hug. No more goat humpin for me. Thank you so very muchπŸ™‚

TheHenry101 says:

Love your stuff… I am a visual learner and think the way you teach could help. I’d love to come visit and get some insight, are you guys are open for lessons… if yes, Where are you guys located??? Thanks

Vim9654 Mitt says:

What a analysis of golf swing. Thanks.

The Common Golfers says:

Hi this is The Common Golfer's. Iv just set up a new channel and after seeing your video it as help me hit the ball further and straighter

Paul R R Donnelly says:

This looks like an updated version of the same video I watched 6 months ago, and a nice update. Truly great instruction and breakdown of the swing by focusing on the hips. Really enjoyed it. The comparisons to the pro's provides a great benchmark and frankly a lot of credibility to the instruction. Congratulations and thank you.

Herbert Pearson says:

Wow, Ive been watching pros play and hoping the commentators break the pros swing down…that was my lessons these videos are on point very analytical…..thx!

Marcus Crossett says:

unbelievably good instructional video. Well done!

Rick Miller says: shoulders square with chest open is as if the "bow drill" was still intact. Again that hips over ankles can't be stressed enough…I have to check it constantly as I fall back into what was previously comfortable..

76MUTiger says:

FABULOUS lesson on many fronts! Great lesson on how to move the hips and great lesson on how the correct concept is foundational to correct movement. Thanks!

Serge Allard says:

This is gold…tks so much guys

nam nguyen says:

Wow! Highly advanced information. These moves were captured by the analysis software. I wonder while practicing can you determine if you are doing it right? Is there a drill to enforce this concept? Incredible science. Thanks much for breaking it down.

richard newcomb says:

I can't tell you how thankful I am for this video haha. It answers the questions I've had a really hard time even putting into words in the past. Thank you! Definitely subscribing.

R K says:

Mind blowing content. Can't wait to try it! Do you have any thoughts on whether to keep your abs firm or relaxed through the swing? I've been playing with them relaxed but wonder if that exposes the back to injury, e.g. herniated discs.

Roman Empire 16 says:

Wow!! Best video ever!!

v205 says:

Is it possible to show the up down movement of the center of pelvis? (For the pro's)

graydon argast says:

Forgot to mention, I like this change in format as well

graydon argast says:

First time I’ve seen this topic addressed. Serious food for thought. Thank you

Michael Paoletti says:

Two large buckets i worked on this. One question where should i feel the pressure on my feet. As my knees come forward to achieve the angle between my shins and ankles should i feel more pressure on the balls of my feet or balanced across my entire foot.

Purple Heart Entertainment says:

Thanks guys.πŸ’ͺ🏾

Fenton Taylor says:


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