Releaseing The Club Head Golf Lesson

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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Mark Crossfield talks about the importance of release, and how releasing the club can help you play better golf. Learn about how the clubface works during the swing and where the clubface should be pointing to hit straighter better and longer golf shots.



gElement says:

I’m doing a hit board project with my coach and he was telling me to pull
the my hands down on the down swing near my right thy and release the club
to the right whilst fire ring the hips. And I have been to the range today
and really struggled to get the motion into a flowing swing !! Your path
video and this one help me understand to another level
I will be sharing ur videos on Facebook and telling my coach what u said

Dicky Pereira says:

crazy , you hear this advice everywhere? but when the penny drops for you
personally , everything you hear just starts making sense, this is a crazy
game but always fun πŸ˜‰ …. yes the flipping feeling , i think this really
gets the weekend golfers as they always get told NO FLIPPING! …. but its
an illusion to the mind , crazy game!!! ο»Ώ

Andrew Shelley says:

Got a long golf tee and some chewing gum straight away and tried this for
myself – great demo/ instruction as always!!!ο»Ώ

Mike H says:

powerful instruction. thanks. definitely need to work on this. ο»Ώ

MrFahnatic says:


Ron Parham says:

best simple explanation of release I’ve seenο»Ώ

rystv says:

great video mark, love it

MiniMr123 says:

Hi Mark – been watching your vids for ages, I have this exact problem. I
was used to slight hook, with the club coming from inside. Now I sorted out
the swing which is on plan, but I still tend to “anti release”, probably
from the old hook, and I can’t seem to hit anything else than a fade or a
slice. I am a handicap 1.5, and it is starting to get on my nerves.

hsk5304 says:

mark………….nice videos…..but what abt for older golfers ,where the
turn is not so easy…i would like to see that addressed in a video….good

KimLidberg says:

Love this video! Thanks so much for great coaching!

drivenextday says:

it helps. I now know how my club need to arrive on the ball. how the club
need to be set/ feel at the at the top and feel/come to meet the ball
flush. Plus you also have shown that the club need to whoosh away out in
front, together, helps. thks Mark, you explain clear and unassuming.

ghurra says:

Im struggling with the slices aswel, rarely happens nowadays with the
irons… But with the driver im having major problems, i’ve been practicing
alot at the range with the driver to try and get it to a “playable” state
because its so important for my rounds to have a working tee shot in order
to score on my handicap. I hope that after alot of practicing.. … well
more thatn i’ve already put in, it’ll pay off soon and i can get it right
more often.. ;/

UcanThnkItuCanDoit says:

this video and the grip video are legitamently going to be why i break 70
this year. thanks

kari1003 says:

Great video, that helped me alot thanks

ninjadann says:

interesting… and here i thought i was “rolling” the wirst when i was not.
it really feels like it. maybe i unintentionally learned how to roll my
wrist to overcome my right shots. … this video provides much tips and
really does help the amateur think about their swing. excellent!

caloyjp says:

how do you control release and accelaration of the club?

ron greco says:

How does that relate to being told to lead with the hands?

tomtresco says:

What age did you start Playing Mark ?

l33tm4ch1n3 says:

spot on!!!! I was messing around with the release and found a couple of bad
hooks in my round today. But they turned out better then all of my shots to
the right. I used to be able to but a nice draw on the ball but I for some
reason am having trouble remembering that feeling.

tom wasserman says:

JUST what I needed. I had been fade/slicing for too long. My hands were
turning over just after impact, but no more. Now hitting straight with some
slight draws. Thank you!!!

Logan Ball says:

This was absolutely everything that was wrong with my shot. Thank you.

John M says:

Hi Mark, I’m new to your videos on Golf and they are very good well
explained and you cover the topics well. I tend to hit the ball to the left
a lot why would that be , I’m usually a more of a draw shot anyway, but
sometimes it goes too much to the right. I’m using a regular flex shaft?

Barry Frankel says:

The best explanation of ‘release’ that I have heard in forty years of
playing golf

David Bundy says:

This is probably the clearest explanation of club head release I’ve seen,
the distinction between squaring the face with the body as opposed to
rolling the hands cleared up a misunderstanding for me!

Douglas Smith says:

Just for a laugh do a video teaching us how to do a Long Drive swing lol
like the remax competition thing

p3t3rRABBIT says:

this is exactly what i think ive been doing wrong!!! cant wait to hit the
indoor range (damn winter) and give this a proper go. thanks for the tip

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