Rory vs The Robot

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UAE Golf Online says:

Still a good Video, very clever and creative

Narwhal Bacon says:

Don’t be fooled viewers, golf isn’t normally as slightly interesting as

~ /r/videos moderator and /r/gonewild critic

Paul Ramsay says:

*This is Fun*

I am in awe of the skills that professional golfers possess.

Kelline Pickett says:

I’m not big on golf but this is pretty funny!!! Rory McIlory and a machine
face off, who wins?

Melitta Wachter says:

He is my Golf-Idol…..I Love you my sweet Engländer

butterflycaught900 says:

He dumped his fiancee by text. What an ass.

Craig Taylor says:

Excellent work.

I’d like to know how many swings were taken to get the ones shown in the

eric WONT says:

damn rory was an ugly kid.

Michael Ringland says:

In a public one on one with +Andrew Ringland .. he shows parking a lotus,
well baby how do you like these apples ?
Warning, it’s golf related.

Stefan Pettersson says:

Really funny!

Blue Line Sports Bar & Grill says:

Without a doubt we can say that Rory Mcilroy is the NEW Tiger Woods.
Recently winning the PGA, he is every golfer’s celebrity icon. Check out
these video for a few good laughs of Rory versus a Robot in a shootout: #rorymcilroy #golf 

XxALITISxX says:

Faker than 9/11

Christopher P says:

Good stuff! :)

Oluwafunmiwo Sholola says:

Rory Mcllroy plays against a robot that has been programmed to play golf.
Awesome and hilarious!

Roland Tritsch says:

If you like golf … You like this! – Rory vs The Robot: –

Ball Striker says:

This was entertaining.

jamesgjt says:

consider the robot is only using 1 hand, it is good…. LOL

Jeremy Black says:

I’ll take Rory and give you Tiger & 3 aside….bring your checkbook.

TheOblivionGate says:

Woah the CGI in this is pretty poor.

Chris J says:

Rory Mcilroy vs The Robot. Hilarity Ensues – [3:56]

daniel mullen says:

the Tiger Woods comment is brilliant

Gervais Viel says:

Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

DJ Mindchime says:

Notice the robot doesn’t turn it’s hips, bend it’s knees, keep it’s head
down, kept it’s arm straight or any of the 100 things you have to do to hit
it straight…yet it hit the ball perfectly straight.

Evan Cutting says:

Boom, the eagle has landed

The Robot says:

I demand a rematch.

Vincenzo Gelsomino says:

Hi peter

Crystal Olivarria says:

*This is Fun*

I am in awe of the skills that professional golfers possess.

BestOFtheBest says:

perfect i have a good swingXD

SippinOnChris says:

“Tiger Woods would have been home with his feet up by now” :D

aman mahabir says:

Really funny!

Andrew Sweet says:

Rory vs The Robot

Love this short for the Euro tour. I wonder if it was truly responsive AI
for the robot voice? 

L. Gyger says:

Who’s the guy talking to Rory through the Robot? :D

The Golf School Manchester says:

A golf challenge like no other… Rory McIlroy vs. Robot:

Rory vs The Robot

Addy Pr says:

I love all of these videos.

NightBlade1583 says:

Smiley Dog is real

CaptainNivek says:

“Tiger Woods would have been home with his feet up by now” HAHAHA

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