Sergio Garcia’s unique swing | Tracers and analysis

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11-time PGA TOUR winner Sergio Garcia has one of the most unique swings on the PGA TOUR. Check out these fascinating swing tracers of Garcia’s swing while Gary Koch and other analysts talk about the incredible lag Garcia maintains during his downswing motion.


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Strat says:

Sergio’s swing is every golf coach’s wet dream.

健爸 says:

His ball position is so centered.

Mark Smith says:

Oh my god…look how shallow he comes in that's crazy…

David Arbelaez says:

A bunch of know it alls on here.

tarou momo says:


Stephen Cooper says:

He should make a brand of that tracer as a logo. Use it for golf merch
Call it Sergio. I wouldn't buy it but some could .

コメントだけで登録者10万人目指します。 says:


Juan David Gri says:

Excelentes imágenes !!

Zahimi Ibrahim says:

3.41 "Left his face open a little bit that made go out to the right" but check out the ball flight looks like it's starting to draw back into the fairway.

おかっぱりおじさん(Ф~Ф)✌️ says:


Black Umbrella says:

He takes the club down from the inside every time. But the fact that he doesn't hit the ball straight all the time got me curious 🤔

JCHangtime says:

Iv solved the golf swing. I had to create a new model to get everything to fit without any contradictions. I found new angles that cant be thought of without my new model.

Colin Deal says:

Swings like this and Jim Furyk's are proof that that a swing that works well for you is one that feels natural for you, not some textbook/model swing.

Brooks Brumfield says:

Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's lag.

David Miller says:

It seems like the room for error to square up the head is lowered.

Carson Kubicki says:

Yes the lag is insane, but what no one talks about is how well he syncs up his hip turn with his arms. They are perfectly in sync.

Kirk Dunn says:

Incredible and very unique……

Learning my own swing I used to TRY and copy 5 players with him being one… was just a feeling (I know mine didn't copy them)……when struggling it would get me thru a round though……shot to a 2 hdcp using these, lol

Golf is hard and anything to get thru a struggle during a rd will suffice…….always been very much hands/wrists which hurts more than it helps… miss is nasty snap hook…..

Still don't know how he does it……hardest to imitate

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