Simple, Easy & Repeatable Golf Swing Lesson for Seniors

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Learn a Simple, Easy and Repeatable Golf Swing for Seniors and Become More Consistent with Your Driving and Iron Game in this great Golf Swing Lesson for Seniors from Golf University’s Head Coach, Lawrie Montague.

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GolfUniversity says:

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Mark Warriner says:

Spoke in layman’s terms , I now
understand the swing.

Mark Warriner says:

Great I really needed this it really confirmed all the correct things I’ve questioned. Short swing , more wrist cock and keeping the club on plane.

patrick verite says:

Vers good vision👍🏌️⛳️

Patrick Carney says:

A year after watching this it helped me shoot in low to mid 70's from high 70's and I'm 50 yrs old, thanks

andros chrysiliou says:

best lesson for avoiding injury for senior golfers

Jan Jarvie says:

This worked very well. It felt more relaxed but still had lots of power.

Reynolds Dagogo-Jack says:

You're a genius!

FlyBry says:

Excellent info. I just retired and hoping to get out regularly to play. Looking forward to applying these practical concepts. Thank you!

Jardine Sydney says:

I,ll give it a go,I see all the time you must make a full 90 degree shoulder turn,but,s difficult as you get older,i thought if you don,t turn enough your weight wouldn,t transfer enough to your back foot and you would reverse pivot.I like the thought of starting down with handle rather than clubhead.S/J senior golfer.

keith sojka says:

Very good swing thought – tried it out and made much better contact – ball flight
Will continue to use this

David charles Oconnor says:

Great lesson with a lot of sense

Gordon Goodfellow says:

It gives you a different way to think. Started using this a couple of rounds ago and found an instant difference. It's all about the inner game between the ears.

Alfreedom says:

Great tip. Thanks!

SD Lane says:

Wonderful and simple lesson. Not too complicated and easy practice at home and on the range. Thanks!

Bill Jenkins says:

Great comments! Lawrie Montague, you are the teacher of the decade! Just got back from the range and the swing you taught us has proven a great success. No loss of distance at all. Wow…simply wow

Timothy Ebbeck says:

Coming back to golf after 15 years and this made a lot of sense as I'm working on the right swing for me now rather than when I was younger. This video nailed it for me!

James Bean says:

I love this simple instruction. I’ve been trying to establish a consistent swing and I think this instruction is brilliant.

Going to the course right now!

Boyd Smith says:

Great video. I like the lazer in the handle analogy.

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