Simple Golf Tips for Longer Straighter Drives

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Golfers have so much trouble hitting their drivers that they simply leave them in their bag, or in the trunk of their cars when they play.

Let's sort out some golf swing fundamentals that will help you increase clubhead speed, get more distance, and hit more fairways!

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B Honjiyo says:

Good video, for me, its three things, 1) Grip 2) Take away and 3) Posture Thanks!

Max Moreno says:

Great video best yet

Bill Ryan says:

Where you been all our lives Bill&Celeste ??⛳️??‍♂️ Thank you

Christian Traynor says:

Amazing video. Great checklist approach.??

jch3200 says:

Maintaining the width is where I am having some problems of late. Would like to have a practice tool to help me get this. Whatever happened to the Flammer idea you talked about in a video with Jerry?

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