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This week on alexelliottgolf I review the Sky Track training aid, other key training aids include trackman and flight scope, so lets see how this compares to them!

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Wes D says:

Good but would have liked to have seen what was going on, on the iPad ?

Joe Dolan says:

Very nice review

Christopher Dyer says:

It’s $2k. I have one and tells me my 7 is 140yds. My 7 in reality is 180yds. I’ve never felt this was accurate.

Ernie Santamaria says:

What be nice to have a price point or range and also to see what the UI looks like.

The real deal comparison would be to see both a skytrak and Trackman side by side. Get a real idea for accuracy against the leader in the space.

paul goodier says:

2 points….how much and close up to product and info tablet…otherwise good show

Larry Ellis says:

Thx Alex. Will have to look into.

Leo Wright says:

Even though it is giving u numbers are they the actual distance u hit your clubs

Golf Journey to Pro says:

Good review Alex what loft you got on your PW? Comparing your 7 & 5 iron results it would make your PW closer to a 9 Iron loft? Just out of interest because of Irons out there coming up with different lofts for each iron cheers ??

Jimmy Brookes says:

How much are they?

Guy Davey says:

Thanks Alex, good review and balanced! Still a little pricey for the average golfer.. but they will drop in the next year!

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