Phil Mickelson on the 13th Hole – 2018 U.S. Open – Round 3

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pastrychef1985 says:

I hope he got shot in the head for this.

mazing32able says:

Everyone got mad that he swayed the ball back

g scribling says:

Why take a 2 stroke penalty when you can take a 1 stroke, under unplayable, and replay the shot?

bob presla says:

next time phil wait till the ball is 1 inch past the cup and then hockey it in ther

norm 5678 says:

oh nooo….oh my… can he do that??

Joe Perkowski says:

“The big mystery to players, from what I saw during the week, was that instead of laying up and having a ball roll up, they were going for the green and playing target golf—kind of like what they are accustomed to—and this course doesn’t lend itself to that,” he said. “This course is kind of a throwback in how you need to play and approach the game. You need to think it through.”

This is from the Shinnecock superindent…

CatLikeThief813 says:

What the fuck did he do wrong? God golf is a uppity sport

Mike A. says:

I do that all the time in mini golf, I don't see the problem lol and geez check out the fat boy walking next to him, he should try running after a couple balls once in awhile

Aaron hill says:

Badass move. Much respect.

Andrsn Films says:

I think golf needs more episodes like this. Shows they’re human and get frustrated just like the normal golfer down at the public park. Brings excitement and drama to it. Who cares about golf etiquette. Get over yourselves. I’d be for a hole 18 intermission boxing challenge amongst the 2 golfers in last place to see who is better

keimolantio says:

Blaa blaa, don't take it so seriously, it's not a religion. Even though nowadays everything seems to be a religion in US.

小野澤雅人 says:

Mr. Michelson knows the rule throughly and perfectly. On-going blame should go to PGA for its forforbearance of allowing touching the moving ball on the green with two penalties.

Geoff Adam says:

"You son-of-a-bitch ball why didn't you just go home?! That's your home! Are you too good to go to your home?! ANSWER ME!!!"

Darren Manley says:

I advocate immediate and unqualified stripping of all Phil's titles. All sponsors should abandon him. Dark clouds should follow him everywhere and the rest of his days should be ones of shame, regret, and fasting while wearing sackcloth.

Southsideman says:



gamebro says:

A 2 stroke penalty but not a DQ? Sounds like part of the strategy of golf. So loosen up you silly nannies who take golf too seriously!
Kids die in abortion clinics every day because horrible dumbasses say they are not people yet. But we want to worry about a stupid rule in golf?

Devin Kendrick says:

Looks like he plays for the patriors*.

celtics3131 says:

Loses his mind? Wow, I hate to think what this persons definition on other words are

John McCabe says:

Phil's a cheat. He said so himself. He deliberately hit a moving ball. He then said that the boss of USGA said had told him that this cheating was a 2 stroke penalty. Had he pre-planned his cheating and organised with the higher-ups the punishment? He cheated his fellow 'competitors' out of prize money by gaining an advantage unfairly..

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