Swing SLOWER And Hit The Ball FARTHER – This Really Works

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How can you swing slower and hit the ball farther? Sounds crazy but this really works and it can work for you too.

This is all about how the swing ‘feels' and a slower feeling swing can in many cases produce much longer shots with all the clubs.

In this video is use the blast golf sensor to show you just how you can swing slower and hit the ball farther, the method also allows for more consistency and control

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Kunal Ashok says:

Thanks for another helpful and easy to understand video Chris! All the best for the new year! Cheers.

Mike Y says:

Dont really agree that a fast backswing is a problem, a lot of pros have backswings as fast as the one on the left side, it's just that in this video you did not really get to anywhere near the top on the backswing and did not finish the backswing before starting down. For some people like me, a slow backswing causes more problems than a fast one

joelafives says:

the right was a long swing and on the left was a short swing

Brian Mann says:

What are you using to measure your swing speed?

Eric Sicard says:

Great video. I had a coach years ago that taught your third drill. Rather than "One and Two" he had us say "Er-nie Els" as that was a pretty good swing to emulate for tempo.

Craig Connell says:

I really like the idea of the 1&2 simple but very affective when trying to keep the right swing tempo, thank you

Eric Maher says:

Firstly your out of the toe drill for driver has worked heaps. Still a lot of work to do but with the help of contact spray I’ve moved face strike from heel to “general”middle-toe. Now 1&2 tempo is awesome even though you didn’t mention it, it’s a great pre shot routine to set you up for this swing. Fell apart on back 9 today I would 100%put it down to tempo or rushed swings.

Luc Paquette says:

Excellent as always Chris! You have such a nice swing!

Tony Thomas says:

Great video Chris. I was once told that using the word Ernie in your head on the backswing and Els on the downswing works. I wonder if Big Easy uses that drill!!

Peter McGill says:

Jack Nicklaus used the song
Moon Riv-er…

Graham Guest says:

Great video and drills Chris. This is an area of my game I struggle with, so can't wait to try these drills and hopefully see an improvement.

Huy Nguyen says:

Thís is amazing – great drills and tips – thank you so much sir

David Murray says:

And yet I have to relearn this every shot!

Silverburst311 says:

Ive always wanted to incorporate my baseball swing of sorts into my golf swing

Ken Paveley says:

Swing on left no body rotation

georgia may says:

Thanks Cr … good practice ideas .. as a musician, I count a triplet back and strike on the "1" on the downswing.

Randy Mahony says:

Hey Chris I always look forward to your videos. I was having a problem with fat strikes now I'm striking too far infront ,about 4 to 6". Is this from a forward sway . If not what? Can you give me some advice.

Ashley Walls says:

So Rahm seems to have a quick short take away and an insanely quick transition. Is there something special he does? Or is he just a freak of nature??

Jordan Jamro says:

This video was awesome. Great way to think about the swing. Really great content!

Brian OConnor says:

AWESOMENESS!! Love the tongue-in-cheek comedy as well!!

Jdubs says:

Damn that is a great video! You are so clear in your explanations.

sfink16 says:

Both Jon Rahm and Tony Finau have quick swings and faster tempos.

Nick Moulton says:

Love all three of these drills. I can definitely see them improving tempo and ball striking!

Jonathan Foster says:

What app is that, and does it require extra equipment? Great Video and tempo and speed for the golf swing!

peter osgood says:

New to your channel Chris, been playing catch up with your videos but really like how simple you make everything, this is certainly something I'll be putting into practice as I do tend to rush the downswing 👍

Dan Brewer says:

These are great drills that I'm definitely going to try. But the problem I always run into is my hands and arms won't let my weight shift without firing. Everything always has to go together.

Christopher Duff says:

Always a pleasure watching your videos!

s l says:

the "slower" swing traveled much further,

Garry Sutcliffe says:

Great video, I rush all my shots

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