Swing weight vs Total weight

In today's video I discuss the difference between swing weight and total weight.

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6 thoughts on “Swing weight vs Total weight

  1. People seem to always talk about matching the swing weight of every club in a set. Would it make sense instead to match the total weight of every club in a set?

  2. Excellent information….I’m actually working through a similar issue at the moment…my current 7i that I was fitted for is 411g with an 85g graphite shaft swinging at D3. I’m changing to a steel Project X LZ 6.0 shaft that will get my club to 441g with a swing weight of D1 and I’m so much more consistent with it and can actually feel the swing/tempo/ and get better numbers overall…

  3. A couple of questions,
    1: Two clubs of the same length with different swing weights, how far does the centre of balance move per swing weight change as a unit of measurement, and also as a percentage of total club length?
    2: If a set of clubs has the same swing weight does the centre of balance remain the same as a percentage of total club length, or does it change?

  4. Great informative video as always keep it up

    For someone that doesn’t really understand all the jargon and stuff associated with that,would total weight be the biggest thing to consider

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