TaylorMade Golf Darts

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What happens when you bring six TaylorMade Tour Players and six UK Celebrities together for a game of Golf Darts?


L. David Irete says:

Fan tastic๏ปฟ

LJY08 says:

A big cheer for the one woman who go up there to have a hit! Good on you
woman! That was a tough crowd and you almost go the ‘8’…others didn’t
even register.๏ปฟ

Axel Lee says:

martin laird wearing a FJ gloves

Tut King says:

he beat the Yanks again…so we should call it Ryder Cup mark 2.

Stephen Mendoza says:

The only thing Sergio has won in a while

Lloyd D says:

Great video funny

retry tobuy says:

I think that was made to look more exciting than it actually was.

James Geiger says:

Sergio is a dousche

cfpride123 says:

3:56 “ohhhhh shit” hahaha

smurphy903 says:

Set up fake im afraid

Justin Lariviere says:

95th liker yay!

cgasucks says:

I thought Dan Walker was a golf pro….his stance and swing looks pretty

Tut King says:

yeah it’ll go nicely alongside the Ryder Cup, Medinah.

matt bailey says:

i mean 3:56 lol

MacManLtd says:

That looked like so much fun!

crasho10 says:

Taylor Gang or die !

thebigbiotch says:

Yes. Shit confirmation. Shit bird.

Jordan J. Caron says:

Golf Channels Big Break glass breaking is still better!

martinigolftees says:

@MacManLtd yea, i know, haha

doracrossedtheborder says:

i played this with some buddies this summer

Steve Hung says:

Lol at DJ!

cody mullins says:

i could beat all of them

happygilmore06 says:

He threw a club at the target. Easier to hit that way.

Eli Crisostomo says:

Sergio imagined this as winning a major…

SnaintonGolf says:


CaptainRon1913 says:

Must have been the Fried Chicken Sergio ate. Can’t come close to Tiger’s
talent otherwise

John B says:

Awesome, very Funny!!!!!

Ben Kisla says:

What did they win?

MrShewdogg says:

Golf darts is gay as lads! Email me back otherwise I’m taking u 2 court for

Lui Craddock says:

I love Sergio’s passion

matt bailey says:

did someone say shit at 3:36?

Cody Moorhead says:

Sergio wins something!

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