TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

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james eadie says:

a forgiving face ?? Marketing crap how can you have a forgiving face at
address . what crap .. believe this tosh and you will believe douche bag

danthemanwhocancan says:

People that complain about Taylor Made bringing out new Drivers all the
time are insecure douchebags! I’ve got an R510TP, an R5TP, a R7460TP
(actually I have ‘retired’ these heads and they sit in my office as I
pulled the shafts out and still use the TP Speeder 757,Diamana 83 and
Rombax) a Superdeep TP and an R11TP. Taylor Made have brought out at least
another dozen drivers that I haven’t bought. I buy the Driver that suits me
and my game not just the latest one they bring out. I currently game the
Superdeep as its the one that suits me best. Do I mind that its not the
latest product from Taylor Made? NO because I am not an insecure Douchebag!
Keep up the GREAT work Taylor Made. I’m waiting for a Superdeep/SLDR type
Driver with a nice classy TP badge. Thanks!

louis logsdon says:

I dont own a taylormade driver and this pisses me off. they come out with
a new club every few months as if to say they’re last club was crap. dicks.

k2477456 says:

If taylormade waited like a year or two to introduce a new driver like ping
ant titlist do, with like 6 or 7 drivers of progress at the rate they’re
going now, it would be the best god damn driver on the planet.

Hyon. Yoo says:

taylormade must be kidding already. I just got the sldr, can they at least
wait a bit longer so I can enjoy this club. Take it easy

Andy Barron says:

Blah, blah, blah…

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