TaylorMade Golf | Dustin Johnson Discusses New Tour Preferred Irons

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Dustin Johnson test the new Tour Preferred Irons from TaylorMade Golf and discusses the possible composition of his bag in 2014. Watch as he hits a Tour Preferred CB 4 iron 270 yards!


Jackie Chan says:

“I was hitting the cavity back 4 iron 270… thats no good”


TherymasterWidnes says:

The 8 iron is nice, but not as nice as a bag of blast!

mjdailey87 says:

Directly after this he did a pound of blow then hit his 4 iron 2 groves low
over 3 bills. 

Matthew Snart says:

Dustin can barely contain his excitement….just barely. 

Azapro911 says:

# I was on the PGA Tour, until I got high; I was gonna play the FedEx Cup,
but then I got high; now I’m off the plane to Gleneagles and I know why
(why man?); because I got high, because I got high, because I got
hiiiiiiiigh. #

hardcoremofo says:

He couldn’t really say much more. You know these things have been peaked
out for 15 years. It ain’t rocket science, it’s just a club. It’s just a
sales job to get suckers to buy.

Hao Li says:

270 with a 4 iron! wow!

matt atkinson says:

so rehearsed…”for some reason with the other one’s I’d leave the to the
right” – like most amateurs do, right? …yer sure Dustin course you did

rabbitmanish says:

I’d say fairplay to TM for this ad. There’s no marketing rubbish just
Dustin being honest

Paddy K says:

185 with an 8 iron?? Haha not in my dreams will I ever do that. Try 130..

sam son says:

would be nice to see the shots as well #1080 #cameraangle

Kevin Gray says:

This is better from Taylor Made. The fact they showed him slightly
criticizing his current clubs was a nice change. Nice design too.

cgasucks says:

Just have him hit the Burner 2.0 again and he’ll make the ball really fly..

lastuberman says:

Dustin is an animal. He’s crazy long.

These new hot face irons plus a very fast swing speed = uncontrollable

Nick Hough says:

The sound of the clean contact on those strikes is phenomenal! That is
quality striking! DJ for a major in 2014???

sam son says:

what should he say. no its shit, dont like it, crap…. hahaha idiotic

Shupe 7 says:

270 in the air… probably not… at a 120mph swing speed guys on tour are
flying the ball around 285 290 with drivers… he would have to swing as
hard as he could and get the distance of a club that has about 10 degrees
less loft and and more length… good luck…

Billy NoMates says:

00:50 Dustin’s Johnson

Sean Ebert says:

you can just hear in his voice how fed up he is cuz he has to do another
one of these damn videos every month haha

Watch Doge says:

I have those shoes!

Intens Snail says:

i need to use one!

Lucas Herrera Vegas says:

C’mon Dustiiiiiin

superscootkid says:

Doesn’t even seem scripted, congrats taylormade

jihnel santo domingo says:

He said he was hitting his old 4 iron 270….FML lol

Geno c says:

i really hated taylor made in the begging but know i like them just because
of the tour preferred 

judofrance says:

I use the MC 2011 with a serial number from the Tour van : Txxxxxx
with the Nippon Shaft Tour 120 Flex TX
This is the best club I have never used… the key point is the removable
weight to tune precisely the swing weight of each club… for me, this is a
key point with also the quality of metal and forge, the impact feeling…
I hope TMG will come back with a new weight system for next iron
generation… because this key innovation has disappeared in the 2014
irons… this is sade to have bug regression as we say on the IT market.

Charles Smith says:

looks like #10 at Augusta national. May not be…but has that unique
looking bunker near the green

prorobo says:

Uh I would not mind having this guy’s swing.

judofrance says:

This content is much more precise with real Tour staff player feeling
regarding speed pocket and first version irons… TMG seems to have stop
their marketing bullshit… to refocus their company on the performance and
only that… good news… I hope this is a real move… and the same time,
I will be happy that TMG close the gap between their public production and
their tour player production… for pro and players from -5 to 8 HCP, golf
is also performance with precise equipments… The Tour public version must
merge with the Tour staff version… even if the Tour price will increase

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