TaylorMade M2 Iron v Ping G Iron – Head To Head

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Battle of the game improvement iron, the TaylorMade M2 against Ping G Iron head to head. Two very popular irons and we find out what performance differences there are if any.

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Ed Hilferty says:

The end of 18 is what matters, I have had Pings and a lot of Tailor-made. The Pings shoot lower scores day in and out, that's the bottom line.

billy balla says:

looks as if you would have good reviews, if only I could hear you.

Ben H says:

I tried both today and the m2 felt really clunky, like I was hitting a croquet mallet.

Ended up going with the ping g irons.

David Crowe says:

Right now I'm swinging RSI 1 . I have moved my game to a middle handy cap . I am looking at the ping G . I am trying to find the right club for me . I have hit both clubs . I hit the ping farther than the m2 . What I'm looking for is more consistent iron . I don't care to much for distance. Doesn't do you any good if you can't control it . Do you have any idea on another iron for me .

Stephen Falcus says:

I currently play with a MX300 forged iron, I'm low teens but am after a bit more forgiveness.
7 iron swing speed is around 97 mph, I've tested AP1 and M2, which if anything were too long, what else would you recommend I try?

James Surovcik says:

I have the Ping G right now and was really tempted to buy the M2 but am unsure. I just started golf and thats pretty much my life now but I feel the PIng G's are not giving me the results I deserve. I was wondering if you could just tell me which iron overall will give me the best results on the course?

Matt Cooper says:

For a mid handicapper (14), would the spin rate being fairly low on the M2 be something to steer me to the Ping so I can get it to stop on the green better and not run through it?

Edmund Gil says:

Thanks bro! Excellent video. Still a Ping man, but I am intrigued with M2!

Peter Scott says:

Mid handicappers like me strike the ball less consistently than that. What is your experience of forgiveness with these irons? Is the M2 more forgiving AND longer?

alan cunliffe says:

Good comparison but would it be better if the 2 irons had the same loft even if it means comparing a G 6 iron against the M2 7 iron. Also what about doing the test with regular shafts which is what most club golfers use.

Eggo Hotty says:

Great guy keep up the good work

Ed Mc says:

The thing I worry about with game improvement irons is the hot spots the occasional flyer shot that air mails the green.

Robert Nava says:

I don't really think your average golfer looking at game improvement irons cares about loft. When I fit a guy with R7 iron and he hits an M2 his eyes bulge. Fun to watch, and they are perfect for the once a month golfer.

Allan Crowder says:

Michael-love your videos but feel your talent is rather wasted reviewing these strongly lofted game improvement behemoths. One thing you could explain is descent angle in relation to spin, l. E. would this 7 iron stop on a green? I would find it pretty hard to gap the 7, 8, 9 and move into the wedges.

P. Harney says:

Ping now offers what they call a Power Spec Loft option.  So you can get up to the 9 iron 1.5 degrees stronger (wedges are 1 degree stronger I believe).  It's now listed on their website.  I recently sent my Ping G's back to have this done.  Might have been a fairer test with the G 7 iron being 29 degrees vs. the M2's 28.5.  More apples vs. apples.

Cornwall1888 says:

M2 7 iron is longer and stronger than my ping g25 6 iron

As crossfield explained they are becoming harder to hit due to d plane

They're very forgiving but the numbers on the bottom should be taken with a pinch of salt

A 28* 7 iron is harder to hit than a 33* 7 iron if the heads are of a similar size

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