TaylorMade M2 Irons 2017

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ytubepuppy says:

Be aware that the inserts in their slots tend to come lose. Lots of complaints on the 5/6/7 irons with the front slot inserts coming out. The insert came out (bulged) of my 6 iron the second day I owned the club.

However, TaylorMade has excellent customer service and warranty, and are sending me a replacement club within 4 days of contacting them.

Joe Rogan says:

Not sure if I should get the m2 or m1 as a beginner i like the m1's loft numbers compared to the m2 but don't want a hard club to hit? Any suggestions?

Anthony Loiselle says:

Hit these in a fitting. My callaway 7 iron usually carries around 160, the m2 iron carried 202 on average with 3200 spin! #strengthenmyloft

Wisconsin Golf says:

More slots than I see at vegas????

Kevin Arnold says:

can you do the cobra irons if you haven't already?

Big Papa says:

Hi. What shafts are on these irons?


Nathan Sparks says:

People are judging these irons without playing with them! Yes the loft are unbelievably strong, but they're actually extremely nice too play with! I got myself these irons and yes my 7iron is now preform as my 6iron would but then 7iron is easier to hit than a 6! I really enjoy using them the hight I get is great, which is why I like them so much!

NWP4440 says:

I tried these today at my local shop, and very interesting. I was getting good distance….about 12 yards more than my MP25 & iron, yet considering the lofts, no surprise. It actually spun okay for me in the low to mid 6000's. Yet to use your analogy, they sounded like a gun going off. And in turn, they felt a bit hash. I hit shots that felt almost off the pipe, look up, right down the middle with good spin and all the fixings. It's interesting. Not sure if I could get used to that, yet the performance was impressive.

DJ Morgan says:

I've got these irons and they aren't very good. The lofts are way too strong and they scratch up easily, don't bother.

Lucas Cubile says:

Mark I'm thinking of getting m2s but there's something i don't get. Do these irons hit farther just because of loft? or there's an actual reason for the loft? if not then they are just another GI iron set with stronger loft. Like it's just a 6 iron head with a 7 carved in there. (dont trust taylormade's webpage stuff since they look to sell only)

Wade Preston says:

I tried out Callaway Steelheads, Ping G, and these new 2017 M2 irons. In my testing the Taylormade's won for distance, and consistent dispersion for me. I really liked the feel of both the Ping G and the M2, but the new M2 just worked better for me.
I got fitted for the PW – 5 iron, 4H, 3H set. then I added the LW, SW, and AW.
Fitted and ordered through Golf Galaxy today.

Sodthong says:

I would need at least 4 wedges with these irons. I want a PW that goes PW distance personally…

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