Taylormade R11 Driver Taylormade Burner 2.0 TP

http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield hits the Taylormade R11 and compares it to the Taylormade Burner 2.0 Superfast Driver. Watch and see what driver might suit your golf game better. The two golf clubs are very different but both feature the white head design that Taylormade golf are running with in 2011.

36 thoughts on “Taylormade R11 Driver Taylormade Burner 2.0 TP

  1. Had the burner 2.0 superfast but not the tour pro…wasnt crazy about it
    …I just got the r11 yesterday and love it… I will tune it in for me
    tomorrow but even at all neutral I still hit it better than the burner

  2. I just bought the new burner 2.0 and i have not yet gotten the performance
    i was expecting but i have not been able to hit it solid with the driver
    but i feel the mor i hit it the better i hit it but i am only 13 and maybe
    since am so young maybe that is why

  3. Hi, I’m using a standard superfast stiff shaft 10.5 degree. I have thought
    about getting either the r11 or the tp as my burner goes very high and
    produces alot of spin. It was fine at first but as I get more confident and
    hit the ball better the higher it goes! Will these clubs produce lower

  4. Personnaly I prefer the R11. I find it very helpful to put a 7 on the heel
    and a 2 on the toe so it will turn a bit and then leave the clubface 2
    degrees closed because I tend to shoot the ball right a bit.Thanks mark for
    your brilliant reviews.

  5. What shaft are you using, I am more into the burner as well, just wondering
    if you used the Matrix Ozik HD6 in the Burner TP, what you think about it,
    and what stiffness works best for you. I am about 110 mph driver swing and
    am in between X Stiff and stiff. Please let me know your thoughts.

  6. I have the R11 TP and I have the option to get the Burner 2.0 TP I’m not
    sure between the 2 should I stick with R11 or get the Burner 2.0 TP please
    let me know your feed back Ty

  7. i currently play an R7 superquad. i never adjust the driver and i have
    always had it set on a high flight with a neutral face. i hit the ball a
    consistent 250. i think the burner would fit me because it naturally helps
    u hit a high ball because of the larger head. i also play the ball in the
    middle of my stance to get it a little lower. i think the combination of a
    driver with a natural high flight and a middle ball position will lead to a
    perfect flight. i dont use adjustments i use grip

  8. Hi mark, Hope your all set up for christmas. I have a few questions after
    watching many of your videos, which i find very helpful. I currently have a
    Taylormade Burner (1st edition non tp) which i hit inconsistently, but i
    have the 3 wood with 15 degree and i hit it well. Any tips? Also when would
    you change from regular shafts to stiff shafts? Thanks

  9. @MiiKeyK hey man im 13 too and i love golf and im thinking about getting a
    new taylormade driver the burner is a little long for me and the r11 i dont
    hit that great i average 220 and the burner i hit it 250 to 270 with which
    one should i get

  10. honestly a horrible review. the 2.0 TP is not 460cc as it is smaller to be
    able to work more. and the 2.0 has the deeper face than the r11. want to
    question me? I get my clubs from Taylormade dirt cheap, considering I have
    a partnership with them.

  11. I really dislike the way you just hit the R11 straight out of the box and
    talk down on the changeable settings as if they were a bad thing. There is
    one wrench to change all the settings, very very simple to do. I’d really
    like to see you do another R11 video where you use trackman to help you
    dial in the R11, and THEN make your judgement about it.

  12. taylormade is going to pull another marketing trick on the r11… This r11
    is 440cc’s eventually there going to come out with the r11 max or something
    where its 460cc’s… they did this with the r7 and r9… never the less i
    have hit both clubs. but i would go with the burner 2.0tp .. felt really
    nice and smooth of the face.. I was hitting 340-350 yards consistent and
    thats from a 5″11 18 year old

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