TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Burner 2.0 Irons

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TaylorMade RBZ RocketBallz Burner 2.0 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark talks about the two TaylorMade irons and how they could help you and your golf game. The RocketBallz RBZ irons with their grey finish and variable face thickness hit up against the older Burner 2.0 and their black finish.

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Aviationlover100 says:

First,, Is it Possible to do a review of the Cleveland CG16 irons? Thanks

123willdogg says:

Hi Mark, I’ve heard that the long irons on the RBZ are almost like mini
hybrids. Would you be able to compare the RBZ 3 or 4 iron to the 2.0 3 or
4? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

luckigolfer says:

They’re both junk

sailors2011 says:

HP (High Polish)

kdr1048 says:

Awsome Review! I am going to get the 2.0’s tomorrow! And will definetely
will get these custom fit. It’s time for my first “good” set of Iron’s and
the 2.0’s have me sold.

Nathan G says:

What a finish it was just like Luke Donald last week cool calm it’s Mark
all over !!

natmok39 says:

rbz are 30 yards better

aydie says:

Just bought a set of 2.0s and i love them i tried the RBZ as well but
definately prefer the burners

bothered1984 says:

Mark you are very very good at what you do. i wish i lived in Devon so i
could come see you and sort my game out. im going through a bad spell at
the moment. went from hitting a 78 to struggling to break 90 within the
space of a couple rounds and i cant get it back down!

Brett Celland says:

I have a set of RBZ clubs that Im very happy with though I will probably
get some MP53z soon. Like your new student these are the first good clubs
Ive ever had .Since getting the them I have noticed that the faces have
scratched up pretty heavily at the impact zones. Is this normal? Thanks for
the videos Mark. I learn more from you than anywhere else. Cheers Mate

Gary De Marco says:

My friend just bought the Burner over the RBZ yesterday! Would love to see
some Callaway reviews Mark, cheers

Jonath Harris says:

How’s it going, just bought a set of the Burner 2.0 irons 4-AW, I bought
them because I got a brand new set for really cheap, I’m assuming this is
due to the fact they are a little outdated. What I wanted to ask was what
kind of driver would you suggest to help my game, just started playing
again after 4-5 years so im at about a 22 Handicap. Looking for a driver
now because i broke the head off my Big Bertha graphite recently. Any game
improvement drivers come to mind? Thanks for the videos!

zmartens13 says:

The color.

sdmzb says:

Burner 2.0 would be my choice.

Alex P. says:

LMAO the RBZ says STD on it!

Andrew Maddox says:

What is the major difference in burner 2.0 and burner 2.0 hp?

JNard829 says:

Best golf vids on youtube. keep it up

gitesh chauhan says:

I have had these for two years almost and they are really good clubs. My
game has improved and recently bought Mizuno Mp 62’s. I can play with these
and still get similar scores, but I have tried 2.0’s again and they are
easier to hit and more consistent hits. But what I would say is that the
MP62’s have improved my strike as they give great feedback on good and bad
strikes. I am now 25 handicap, but I consistently hit to 22-24. I think
that you can play to 12-18 with these clubs easy. Buy 2.0’s

MrxAstaz says:

Hey Mark, I’m 13 years old and I am a 15 handicap, I’m looking to get new
irons and the 2.0’s are what I’m leaning towards, should I get them fitted
cause I’m still going to grow, thanks

chris golfer says:

mark you are getting pretty high tech and fancy with these youtube videos,
throwing icons all over the place

bearthegreat99 says:

i like the name rocketballz

Hugo Church says:

Great Video Mark, Please can you review the new Rocketbladez from Taylor
Made love to have your opinion on them and the so called speed pocket ,

admc8 says:

I assume because of the specs. I know Nike irons and taylormade irons can
be up to 5 degrees in different loft.

GolfTube72 says:

Please do an In the Bag video…

tomworralluk1 says:

@4golfonline With custom fitting, surely your average golfer wouldn’t see
the benefits anyway?

jon says:

I didnt see a major difference between the two clubs. Thats why I went with
the 2.0 burners. 100 bucks cheaper

Shane Coogan says:

i like the new ending mark.as always keep up the good work

alpie3269 says:

I have the burner 1.0’s and I love them. I am not too fond of the RBZ line
from taylormade..

Daniel Cowan says:

can you review the nike 20xi ball please????

SuitedBunny says:

those are pretty ugly.

tommyangles says:

funky editing throwing the graphics around!! do you edit it yourself? what
package do you use?

rsawnti says:

Cool ending Mark

trashboat1237 says:

Wow dude

Dan Bowen says:

ahaha i love the new ending mark! 😛

obi1jim says:

What does the STO stand for on the RBZ’s?

massaqueful says:

come on bruh!!!

lausangio says:

nike vr s vs. callaway razr x hl irons

Cameron Hosch says:

im not so sure if he has access to the rocketbladez yet.

Harold Winter says:

if your a 15 handicap, you should looking for something with not such a
high launch, like the Cleveland CG7s and they’re definitely worth the try!

JuliusJueLi says:

I like the sound from the burner 2.0, so loud and convincing

redmaniac456 says:

2.0 all day

michael metro says:

the hp means high polish which is silver

Andrew Petersen says:

could you do a review of the tailor-made rbz hybrid!?

gitesh chauhan says:

If you are a high handicapper these are great clubs and cheap too. I agree
with Mark, these look better and when you hit a good strike they do make a
great sound and feel good too. Half of the battle is finding a club that
you like the look of as confidence is 50% or more of the game. I have tried
loads of clubs and these are one of the best out there. Good luck and let
me know what you think?

CJ Hogan says:

i just bought the 2.0 and you are 100% right better feel over the RBZ and i
like the sound and look at address .Distance for me are very close in both.
I get 150yds with my 2.0 8 irons and + – 10yrds in each club .The RBZ was
very close to the same … The longer clubs 6,5,4, are to upright and for
me at 5.7″ and i have to get the set fitted..Thanks and great review i wish
i found this before i bought my set..

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