TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

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TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid review by Mark Crossfield pGa professional AskGolfGuru. mark talks about the SLDR #loftup hybrid/ rescue golf club. Play your best golf with the best equipment in your golf bag. See if the low launching spinning golf club from taylorMade golf could help your long game. With the help of GC2 HMT Mark talks launch numbers and distance.

18 thoughts on “TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

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  2. I hit these and kind of agree that they are nothing special. The best thing
    I hit in the SLDR line was a 14 degree TS fairway. I still wound up getting
    i25 driver, fairway and hybrid. Not really a Ping fan, but could not argue
    with the results.

  3. Id find a video on the sldr minidriver much more interesting, its a club Id
    def game. Have Gorilla hit with it as well, its a club for his game, isnt
    it?! Deep face, low spin and so on… 

  4. First off I love watching your videos and you do a great job on all of
    them. Mark you’re always saying youre using real ball data with your Pro
    v1X balls, but everytime I see you do a review you hit nothing but range
    balls and your real balls just sit in the same spot untouched. Lets see
    you start reviewing with real balls.

  5. Love hybrid clubs, and have yet to find one, save the looks of them that I
    didn’t like. At the moment the PING G25 is looking like it’s going to
    replace my 3iron.

  6. Mark you should hit more than 3 balls for testing the numbers so the
    average is more accurate since all it takes is 1 good or bad shot of the 3
    to throw the numbers off

  7. If you go Marlk’s route, you’ll be switching driver every other month or so
    and play a 10 year old hybrid. Waiting for the vlog that games the 5 wood!

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